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Re: Syndicate: <nettime> open letter to insomnia

>For heaven's sake, do not walk out on the surviving bridges of Novi Sad.
>I don't care how pretty the bridges are, how much they mean to you
>sentimentally and culturally, or how long they have been there. You are
>not going to have any bridges. Also, no trains, no fuel, no running 
>water, no electricity, and probably, sooner or later, no food. Unless 
>NATO decides to drop some food on you.

    To rejoice on someone's ill-fate is equally savage as every massacre
    on Kosovo and any NATO air-raid. Pray to God not to ever experience 
    a missile attack on you own city!

>Stop making melodramatic gestures that are obvious rehearsals of 
>martyrdom and your own death.

    When these careless words come from Bruce Sterling himself, it's 
    even more sad... :-(


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