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Syndicate: ZAGINFLATCH #26, 6th April 1999

*** ex-yu-a-lista ***

ZAGINFLATCH #26, 6th April 1999. 
newsletter published by Zagreb Anarchist Movement



what follows are translated extracts from 
emails posted to ex-yu-a-lista@zamir.net 
which is a mailing list for ex-yu 
anarchists, and from private emails..


another typo! yesterday we wrote #26 in 
the subject by mistake. today's issue 
is #26, yesteday's was #25. sorry about 


 From: pop, kraljevo

It's the third time today that there's been an air-raid. For now there
hasn't been any action, but I 'm afraid that they're going to shit on 
us now. Today a plane has flown by close to my building ( I presume it's
a Yugoslav Army plane) and I got a real good look at it. It seemed
almost as if I could reach it. I heard that a hit  NATO plane crashed
near Bjeljina in it's attempt to reach Tuzla - they said that the local
population is looking for it. They have shown craters on Kraljevo TV
from last nights bombing of Cevtke and Milocaje ( a village that is near
to Ladjevci, but closer to Kraljevo). They were also aiming at Topcider,
Mali mokri lug, Avala and Vozdovac, although (according to TV and radio)
they seemed to have been only circling and "burdening the air". In
Belgrade you can hear the church bells. Night is falling.


BTW, on RTS (Serbian radio &TV station) they were reporting from
different regions where there was bomb shelling, but it seems they are
hiding  key information about the consequences. It seems all to be in
order to keep up the moral and to prevent "fear, panic and defeatism".


An appeal was sent out to the European Society of National Parks, to
stand up against the destruction of National parks like Kopaonik, Tara
and others, which fits in the story, and of course they intentionally
forget to mention how many and which military installations are situated
in the same parks. A Tomahawk has hit near the monastery Gracanice, and
right away they came out with the story how the monastery must have been
a NATO target, not mentioning that they have set up a radar system there
too. Some very unconvincing shots where broadcasted of cracks  on walls
that were probably older than NATO itself. A bomb has also hit
(according to them) on Summarize near Kragujevac, where during the II
World war (according to partisan recordings) around 7000 people were
shot, among whom were high-school kids, taken out of class right to
death. These are all moments that are useful to the regime to spread
hatred and wakes, as M. Bulatovic says "unhealed wounds" from the II
World War. Ribnica is in the dark tonight - I can see it through the
window. The people are afraid of  strikes and lots of them has moved to
other parts of town.



>From the news I have I'd like to point out that Pristina has been hit again, in the center of town - a corner of a building was demolished and it's upper level, in which refugees have been settled in (I suppose they were in the shelter at this point); the market center "Peyton Place " was hit and the building where the OSCE monitors were situated. An RTS journalist is reporting that they have previously  found a radio-locator in the same building and says that 4 planes where taken down over Pristina, 2 pilots were taken prisoner, and that one additional plane disappeared from the radar, so they are concluding that the 5th plane is taken down too. Another plane is supposed to have been taken down above the mountain Maljen near Valjevo. In the Cacak region one missile was taken down, and some radio-locators were noticed that have been thrown out near Cacak. In Belgrade there was lots of shit, but I think that someone else can make a better report on it than myself. I know that !
has been some trouble with certain toxic pus which has leaked out after the strike. Till the next report, especially for the EX-YU-A-LISTA , your wandering reporter

Uncle Pop :-)

P:S: the phones are not working at the moment. I don't know when I'll be
able to send this message or any other for that matter.



Well, I have some corrections. Radio Uzice is broadcasting that a plane
was hit and taken down in their region, along with one helicopter, for
which it's presumed to have been sent to rescue the crew of the hit
plane. I am asking myself whether a  bomber has been taken down rather
than a fighter?  Over Maljevo two planes have been hit, not one. The
pilots have catapulted themselves and the police is looking for them.
Over Fruska Gora  supposedly the plane "black hawk" was taken down,
which is the most expensive plane of the American aviation. The toxic
waste has spilled in Sremcica (near Belgrade) during the shelling of a
missile fuel warehouse, that has caused a fire in the surrounding woods.
Now they have said that missiles have been detected that are moving
towards Belgrade from the direction of Bosnia. In Pristina the garage of
Kosmet transport was hit, as other civilian objects too. The telephone
is still not working



The air-raid has stopped. They said that a petrol warehouse was hit and
that the surrounding woods is on fire - it must be somewhere around
Belgrade.We haven't been touched tonight. The telephone is dead.


From: Dule, Sombor

There's nothing new here. I am waiting for this shit to end. Last night
they have bombed some military bases between willages Conoplja and 
Kljajicevo. It seems that they've hit an emty petrol tank. There was
another protest concert in the center of the city but this time with
local folk bands + pathetic bands so there was far less people this
time. It seems that they've also bombed Crveni cot (transmitter) since
there's no national TV programe's signal. However two local TV stations
are transmitting national TV's programe, but also add their own news in
the evening. I went to the city yesteday afternoon. There are many
people in the streets. It seems that it's like that all the time. People
don't have anything better to do, and since they can't go out in the
evening, i guess they stay out the whole day. Besides, what's going on?
Day by day I receive less and less emails. Did people stop sending, or
do they "get lost" somewhere? hold on.


From: viktor, belgrade

It's hard to say what's going on. Ground link was destroyes so
everything goes through the satelite. This is slow, unreliable and who
knows what else. Many messages don't reach their destination, nobody
knows why (censorship?). I have many problems to log onto network, the
link keeps on braking, phole lines are fucked up, I am surprised that I
can exchange email.


From: "Women's Center Belgrade" <awcasv@EUnet.yu>

 Women have gone crazy around here, fear increase as the evening
approaches, fear from every sound, fear of poverty fears...

how was it for Bosnian women,

I realizes yesterday that this is really a war today i realized that
it'll last for a long time since one again we have fooled ourselves that
it'll end in no time.

I feel like we are blocked between NATO and Milosevic and we can't see
the result. Terrible stories come from Kosovo. I am afraid that many
more will suffer from hunger. It's critical even today. I still don't
know anything about Sevdija Others are mostly in Macedonia. They'll
never be as they were before this. I am afraid of that.


From: Pop, Kraljevo


I was in a  bad mood today. I mean who wasn't... But today it was
somehow different. First, some nazi creep from Jagoina threatened me
over the phone (I assume he's staying in Kraljevo with some of his
moronic friends) -  he says: "It's war time, a good chance to kill all
of "us communists". He says that I have just met my assasin. Tjah... No
matter how aware I was that this were probably blerbs from some
testosteron overdosed teenager, it still wasn 't all the same to me,
it's war time. I have head from a friend in Belgrade that some punk got
hurt when some wild skinheads threw him through McDonald' s window
(which was, btw, totally demolished). So I wouldn't be surprised at all
if all over the country start appearing all sorts of jerks who identify
with that old, unfortunately well known, skinhead story. Although I
predict that in this situation it'd be dressen in Chetnik suite. He
said: "We should kill all of you so you can't come to power again." I
really didn't have the will nor power to explain to the poor guy that I
wasn't a comunist. That's all the same to him after all... I have also
heard that some "guys in leather jackets" have beaten up a certain
individual who was speaking against Milosevic in the street. I worry.

Another two of my friends were mobilized - Vrana and Prco (from Mortuus
/ Smudos punk bands). One is in Kosovo other in Novi Pazar - at least
that's where he went.  But since Ciro was also to report to Raska and
then he was sent to Kosovo the same day I wouldn't be surprised if Prki
was of the same luck. And Dudo (Smudos) was mobilized, only he's at home
under condition that he reports when needed. They have brought 7 more
dead soldiers. I am afraid. I am afraid for my friends, myself, family.
A transport with ponton bridges passed through the city. There's a lot
of work for engineers these days. I have met Sicko's father - he says
that Sicko's not calling. It looked like his eyes were filled with
tears. At home my aunt, mother and a friend of hers were waiting. I have
felt that they worry. The neighbour's eyes were filled with tears and
she really had to give her best in order not to burst into tears. Ufff.

* * *

Today was a great day and I have met Bojana and Kasa (T. Promasaj). in
the street. They came out for a walk with their 15 month old daughter,
Nadja. The baby's so beautifull. She slept on her father's chest with so
much innocence, and I enjojed in the sight although I was concerned
about everything what's going on. This must stop now!


 Dear friends,

Info about Zaginflatch is available on request.

Basically, with this newsletter we want to inform the international
community (this is you) on how antiauthoritarians in Yugoslavia and
ex-Yugoslavia feel in these moments. Also, as people who have
experienced air raids and general alerts, we want to support our friends
in Yugoslavia who are experiencing this today. We don't want to
prejudice any political solutions to Kosovo and other ex-yu problems, we
just want to help our friends, and support them in this way. All
opinions published in Zaginflatch will be just personal ones. There is
no joint platform. Zaginflatch will bring you hardly any news in the way
mainstream media does it. For this kind of info we suggest you try cnn,
bbc or some other services. They are available to you anyway.. This is
meant to come from inside... Also, if you're into alternative news
sources, we suggest you try at www.b92.net ...

Zagreb Anarchist Movement (ZAP)


the end

 *** pseudoastronaut klase D ***

Break the logic of war! Desert! Open the borders!
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