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Syndicate: Bloody Thursday

    Oh, yes. It was a special night... *very special* night...

    First, around midnight, NATO airplanes striked on Aleksinac,
    a little town of miners in south-eastern Serbia (200 kms far
    from Belgrade). The target was this time - the town itself. 

    Hospital and trauma center are seriously damaged. Twelve (12)
    civilian buildings are totally destroyed. Flattened to the
    ground. Not one military target was hit, because there are no 
    military targets in Aleksinac. Window glasses broke on almost 
    every house in this small town. Until the time I write this
    (05:20) there are 5 confirmed death civilians, more than 20 
    wounded and many more beneath the ruins...

    Around 03:00, Novi Sad was the target for the second time 
    today (around 22:00 oil refinery in Novi Sad was hit). Guess 
    what was on the menu this time? YES! You got it - the last 
    remaining bridge in one piece over Danube.

    This time, someone decided it's enough and Yugoslav army's AA 
    defence crashed the plane, before pilot fired his rockets. 
    Catapulted pilot landed in Novi Sad's suburbs. So, nothing new 
    in Novi Sad except a little ecological catastrophe in one of 
    its suburbs near the oil refinery... but who cares, right?

    Yesterday, I saw on TV couple more crashed bridges and rails, 
    this time in central Serbia. I think I start to realise why 
    NATO is doing this. They are probably preparing the occupation 
    of Vojvodina (northern Serbian province) from Hungary. Downing 
    bridges in central Serbia is probably aimed to disable the 
    reinforcements in case of Kosovo occupation... Looks nice on 
    paper... Soon, everybody will forget why NATO started this
    whole operation and whole Yugoslavia will be occupied by foreign
    troops for the third time in 20th century...

    Wait, don't tell me, I know! That's *only* because of Milosevic,
    and many people will have to die (no matter the nationality), 
    just because they happen to live in Yugoslavia, in this unlucky 
    moment of Time, breathing same air as fucking dictator who will 
    die from natural cause, NOT from NATO bombs.

    Did someone mentioned "humanitarian catastrophe"?

    Oh boy,

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