Slobodan Markovic on Sun, 4 Apr 1999 06:42:41 +0200

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Syndicate: Belgrade is burning again...

    Around 04:30 am, cruise missiles hit Belgrade again!

    I've been responding to some e-mails when roaring detonation 
    cut the night over Belgrade. I jumped to my window, when I 
    heard another detonation and windows started lightly to shake.
    When I looked outside, I saw great orange mushroom growing over 
    building roofs... Whole night sky, not just one part, was 
    illuminated by this same orange light.

    This time the target was pure civilian object - heating plant 
    in largest part of Belgrade (western part of the city, called 
    New Belgrade, with more than 100.000 citizens).

    I can only imagine how was it at my grandmothers place. She lives
    on the 10th floor in a building which is no more than 800 meters 
    far away from the plant... Right now (04:45), I cannot reach her 
    over the phone. Probable phone lines overload...

    I also heard similar detonations in south-western part of the
    city (called Banjica), but because of neighbouring buildings 
    that are closing my view, I could not see where exactly missiles 
    hit. On TV they said it was something near the military hospital 
    in Belgrade.

    I wonder what is on the menu for next night... :-((

    Still standing,

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