Slobodan Markovic on Sat, 3 Apr 1999 21:14:12 +0200

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Syndicate: Another bridge down in Novi Sad

    This is really turning into disgusting, barbaric and uncontrolled 
    violence over thousands of citizens in Novi Sad, the capital of
    northern Serbian province - Vojvodina!

    One hour ago, NATO aviation crashed ANOTHER bridge in Novi Sad.
    It was fucking 20:00 hours and it is CONFIRMED that in the time
    of attack there were many civilian cars on the bridge...

    God damned barbarians could not wait at least for midnight to pass!

    Novi Sad and all other parts of Serbia northern from Belgrade 
    are now almost completely cut off.

    In Belgrade, air-raid warning is announced also around 20:00 hrs
    and tonight I expect another strike on city's downtown...


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