Inke Arns on Sat, 03 Apr 1999 19:34:08 +0200

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Cosic: Re: Syndicate: the meaning of this medium?

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 18:08:39 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: Re: Syndicate: the meaning of this medium?


> your reaction on mail posted from Anthropological Society is something that
> brings sydicate on the level of OLD media ... and we all know what that
> means....

the net is not inhabited by aliens, humans tend to be bad material.
As you saw, there was no dilemma whether the posting is going to be forwarded.

> by the way i thought that Anthropology S. post was disgusting

Every time a simillar humanitarian posting comes over I have the urge to
ask the
sender to refresh my memory and send me the texts by same societies
regarding the
devastation of lives and architecture in the recent years.

One last thingy, my comments are my comments, not Syndicate policy.