STEPHANE HENRY on Fri, 02 Apr 1999 01:04:43 (west)

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Syndicate: Fwd: a tale for pea

I'm just two months' old and i'm feared by the mass-ant-hills'
 pheromon... I know these ants are enemies for million years and
 they attack again. I'm scared. It is the first time i will meet one.

	A 5 very old years ant is near me and send me to follow it. We arrive in a spcial room full of strange bubbles. All the ants are 
looking quiet there. So strange because i can feel so strongly thisattacks' pheromone.... So strange but the peacefully 
atmosphere makes me more quiet.
	The old ant shows me a bubble and send me to smell it.And I 
do it. The smell is so strong. So many signals coming from a very very ancient time:

		<< The Russians sent ships to observate NATO planes' 
action.These planes wer trying to destroy serbian tanks. This to 
protect kosovo albanian people from some mad serbians 
guns.Some of these mad serbians guns wanted to protect 
themselves against the albanian UCK guns but some of them 
wanted to protect themselves from &&&&&&%&&& &&.....///////   //////////&&&&& (keep quiet and take a breath)..... 

	It was the chaos and most of the people did not know wer to 
go (the ones who did not have agun or rfuse to get one.)

	A scared woman was running and carrying her baby (the story doesnot tell if she was serbian or albanian) . She wanted to have a breack against a dead tree. This tree felt down on a man ( 
albanian or serbian?) who was wearing an inocently armed 
Bazooka. A big light on the blue sky. An invisible plane (it is 
known they always pass at the wrong moment) was touched.The 
pilot thought to is son, his genetical survivance, and ejected 
himself. The plane felt down on a ship.

	Later and soon, us the black ants we never felt so warm and 
so productive. The air was energized eveywhere. >>

		I do not understand the meaning of all the messages but I 
know I have to think about it. I will not go to fight. I want to return tothe all ant-hill and resist to the alert pheromone.May be Iwill 
find other ants to drive to this room. There are so much bubbles 
to smell.

				peacefully thoughts

Thanks to bernard WERBER and his ANTs' trilogy