Tilman Baumgaertel on Thu, 01 Apr 1999 13:48:20 +0200

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Syndicate: media access

Hi "Insomnia"!

I think a lot of the contorversies on this list are driven by completly
different access to information and media from the people in the west and
in serbia. 

I find statements like this:

"everybody seems to be concerned about handful of albanian refugees (do not
get me
wrong, but i really haven't seen the humanitarian catastrophe of these people
on any tv channel at all!)," 

(that you made in your email diary) both unbelievable and unforgiveable. 

Then again I wonder what tv channels are available in Belgrade at all? Is
there any access to international media? TV channels? Radio? Newspapers?
How many people have access to these media? And how are they trusted? 

By clarifying these questions you might help everybody to understand how
certain perspectives on this war are shaped...


PS: Btw, I think we met at the "Beauty and the East" meeting in Ljubliana
in 1997...