Dejan Sretenovic on Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:51:20 +0100

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Syndicate: Video art in Serbia


Video art in Serbia

The first retrospective screening of Serbian video and artists' films is
going to take place in April, 22-24, at Cinema Rex, the main alternative
cultural venue in Belgrade.

Although the first artists' films and videos appeared in the early
1970s, the systematic research on this media has never been done. In the
last few years we are witnessing a growing production of video art in
Serbia, mostly by young video makers, but with no knowledge of the
previous production. Due to the conservative art academies, disregrad of
media art in general, lack of media theory, poor technical conditions,
video art has always been regarded as an marginal phenomenon on Serbian
and Yugoslav art scene. The fact that some of the best pieces from the
1970s exist only as VHS copies, speaks for itself.  The paradox is that
some of the best Serbian videos are better known and appreciated abroad
than in the country. Therefore, the aim of this project is to open the
space for a new recognition and critical evaluation of media art in
Serbia. The catalogue will be printed in Serbian and English.

Organizers: Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA) and Cinema Rex

Curators: Mr. Dejan Sretenovic (SCCA Director), Mr. Branislav
Dimitrijevic (SCCA Program Coordinator), Ms Darka Radosavljevic (Program
Director, Cinema Rex, ), Ms Jasna Tijardovic-Popovic (Media Curator,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade) and Mr. Aleksandar Davic (Video
maker, Art Academy, Novi Sad)

On the occasion of this event, the Syndicate meeting will take place in
Belgrade and Novi Sad.
More details to follow.

Dejan Sretenovic
SCCA Belgrade