andreas broeckmann on Wed, 27 Jan 1999 17:22:59 +0200

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Syndicate: we missed the 3-year celebration ...

dear friends,

we missed the 3rd anniversary of the initial syndicate meeting here in
rotterdam on 21 jan 96 by almost a week ... i just realised this and wanted
to let you old-timers and new-comers know that for such an informal network
this is a very respectable age. (for the records: there are now 360
addresses subscribed to the list.)

the plans for the meeting in belgrade in april are moving ahead and it'll
be invitations- and ticket-buying time soon. we will have to talk a bit
about the political context of that meeting - some people are meeting in
vienna this weekend and have promised to feed this debate when they are
back next week. the real-life meetings are the Real Syndicate Stuff which
you don't really want to miss.

more info on this will follow.

best wishes from rainy rotterdam,