andreas broeckmann on Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:08:24 +0200

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Syndicate: TUGweb, Oslo/Norway

[here's news from a project in Norway that looks interesting; abroeck]

From: "TUG" <>
Subject: Welcome to the new TUGweb
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 01:20:24 +0100

The TUG site recreates itself as a two-way portal where Art may confront
and co-operate with other disciplines in order to envision and influence
future  society. Check out  

In Norway, TUG magazine is on sale at art institutions, galleries and
bookstores. Contents is bilingual, Norwegian and English. Price inside
Norway NOK 75 + postage NOK 25,-. Price rest of the world $15,- including
postage/packing. Please do not send credit card details.

The  newest news right now is TUGlinks: a seriously long list of Art
related links,  organised according to theme and/or subject.     

TZONE - online  magazine
TZONE is the new TUG online magazine. It will be  updated every Monday with
TUG's favoured site of the week. TZONE will take the  form of  "a tiny
weekly magazine" as a familiar channel for  unknown messages. TZONE has
room for both visual and textual experiences.    This Monday, TZONE will be
empty, so concentrate on TUGweb, get to know it  and get involved. Then
come back next Monday - new news - watch out.   TZONE calendar
TZONE  calendar will keep you posted on whatever else is new, online or
otherwise.     So, what is the "theme" for TZONE?
The Millennium - yes - I  know - it has a synthetic taste........... For
starters, ChiefTUG has selected a  bunch of millennium/anti/future sites,
with no favourite at this time. But right  now it does awaken my curiosity,
hopefully my consciousness is following, and  yours as well.   TZONE needs
TZONE wants your reflections and statements. Let's make  plans - together -
20 seconds into the future.   Your contribution can take many forms:
newsbits, information, articles,  interviews, facts, art projects,
advertisements, comics, good/hot tips, letters,  reports, you name it!
Together, we will make TZONE an exciting site to visit.  There is no limit
to contributions, but the editors reserve the right to edit  the material.
TUGheadquarters is open to suggestions and will answer any  questions you
may have.   Find out how to contribute to TZONE at  

TUG Magazine Online
TUG Magazine goes online: issue 1  New Stimuli   is available right here,
right now. This is the complete online version  of the 100-page print
magazine (of which copies are still available, mail TUG  here
<> for details).   A new TUG art
project will be announced WWAR (Whenever We Are Ready).     In the
meantime, we will concentrate on expanding the Links page and  maintaining
TZONE.   ChiefTUG is interested in general feedback on this project, as
well as tips  on interesting links, email addresses and so on.   
Ingwill Gjelsvik