Andrej Tisma on Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:37:16 +0100

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Re: Syndicate: Permanent Instability, Tirana - info

andreas broeckmann wrote:

> "Permanent Instability" is the title of the first international exhibition
> of contemporary art shown in the National Art Gallery in Tirana and curated
> by Albanian artist Edi Muka. The show features the works of nearly 30
> artists from practically all Balkan countries (with the exception of Serbia
> and Montenegro), including artists from Kosovo

I am glad to hear that a Balkan art exhibition is organized in Tirana. 
I am just wondering how is it possible to organize one without artists
from "Serbia and Montenegro" (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), since
this is the country with  most prominent contemporary art made in
Balkans. By the way, two years ago Novi Sad (Serbia) was a host and
organizer of the first Balkan Art Biennale, where our dear EDI MUKA
participated with his paintings (I hope he remembers well the friendly
people in Serbia for him and his art. I was one of them who wrote a
review on it). 
Otherwise, I am worried for some people still wanting to change
state frontiers in Balkans, provoking so permanent conflicts and
instability. As I know Kosovo is still officially a part of Serbia and
Yugoslavia, and I hope it will stay like that. Maybe some people in
Albania would like to have Kosovo in their country (sending soldiers and
weapons across Yugoslav frontier every day).  The effect of this Tirana
exhibition could be the same: "Permanent Instability".

Andrej Tisma