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Syndicate: Chr. Hoeller: Translocation, Vienna


Date: 1.19.99
From: Christian Hoeller (
Subject: Translocation

Exhibition at Generali Foundation
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15, A-1040
Vienna, Austria
Januray 27 - April 11, 1999

Translocal interactions of themes, places and media is how one could
describe the increasingly global networking of cultural activities and
production. The old opposites of east and west, capitalism versus
communism, liberal media versus state-controlled decimation of
information have gradually lost their relevance for Europe since 1989.
Hence the question of what power structures have since developed to
replace the old dualistic system is becoming more urgent.

The translocation (new) media/art exhibition highlights media art
positions against the background of this problem. It investigates how
individual artistic vernaculars developed, discusses the problem of
orienting artistic work in local and translocal environments and reveals
the limits drawn by language and specific local intellectual markets.
And it also attempts to throw light on the leveling effect of new
communication technologies on the self-image of madia art. translocation
(new) media/art presents the internal debate and the regional
differences of specific scenes and situations in their individual
contexts. These can be accessed and compared on the basis of selected
private material compiled by media artists and theorists in what is
still a divided Europe.

Materials provided by: Luchezar Boyadjiev (BG), Marina Grzinic (SL),
HILUS (A), Sanja Ivekovic (CR), Ryszard Kluszczynski (PL), Keiko Sei
(CZ/J), Jiri Sevcik (CZ), Tommaso Tozzi (I)

+ + +

International Conference
Generali Foundation
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15, A-1040
Vienna, Austria
Friday, January 29 and Saturday, January 30, 1999
1 PM - 8 PM


Arjun Appadurai (Professor of Anthropology, Chicago)
RenÃ?e Green (Artist, New York)
Marina Grzinic (Artist and Philosopher, Ljubljana)
Lisa Haskel (Media Theorist and Curator, London)
Katrin Kivimaa (Art History & Gender Studies, Tallinn/Budapest)
Ryszard Kluszczynski (Media Theorist, LÃ?dz)
Igor Markovic (Editor of Arkzin, Zagreb)
Vesna Manojlovic (B92/OpenNet, Belgrade)
Eduard Muka (Artist and Professor of Art & New Media, Tirana)
Hito Steyerl (Filmmaker and Critic, Munich)
Katarina Zivanovic (CybeRex, OpenNet, Belgrade)