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Syndicate: RE-ANNOUNCEMENT -- WRO 99

The new deadline for entries to WRO 99 video art competition is
January 23th, 1999

Hi syndicate,

for the last few days, apart from big amounts of tapes arriving every day,
we are receiving numerous requests for WRO 99 entry forms and competition
regulations, as well as many questions asking about the possibility of
sending cassettes after the deadline. In this case, we decided to offer one
week extra for late comers -- the deadline has now been moved till    J a n
u a r y  2 3 rd (as postmarked).

Also, I'm taking the opportunity to apologize - the website at
(announced in our printed leaflet) is still not working due to some stupid
problems with virtual-buerocracy-administrative procedures. This is the
reason why many of you could not find the information about WRO 99.
The website problem is one of the reasons for moving the deadline. Until
this regular website is started for running and giving updated info about
WRO 99 programme, you can find some info, entry forms and competition
regulations at our temporary site

best regards,
piotr krajewski

WRO 99 	<> 	WRO 99 	<> 	WRO 99	<>
7th International Media Art Biennale
April 28th - May 2nd, 1999 ------ Wroclaw, Poland.

<>International competition for video art
open to works emphasizing and developing image and sound
relationship in the creation of an innovative shape of artistic media
The deadline is January 23rd, 1999 (as stamp marked)

<> Other WRO 99 events are curated selections and exhibitions:

----- "the power of tape" (film,audio,video)- screenings and retrospectives
of various art forms created for the tape in XX century

-----  exhibitions of media installations, automata, art cd-rom,

-----  live broadcast and netcast projects

-----  audio/visual performances & miscellaneous activities

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PO Box 1385                     tel. (48 71) 44 83 69
54-137 Wroclaw 16               email: