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Syndicate: One World, film fest. - Prag

From: "Marta Smolikova" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:59:46 +0000
Subject: BOUNCE syndicate: Non-member submission from ["Marta Smolikova"

First annual "One World" international film festival

Prague, Czech Republic

27-31 May 1999

Deadline for application: January 30th.  1999

Contact person: Igor Blazevic, Festival Director
Fax.: +420.2. 6113 4137
Tel.: +420.2. 6113 4401 / 02

Foundation People in Need is preparing to launch its first annual
"One World" international film festival in Prague, to be held
from 27-31 May 1999. The festival was conceived for a two-fold
purpose: to foster the idea of global responsibility, and to advance
public education on human rights issues. It will do so by presenting
the experiences of peoples endangered by conflict, state repression,
discrimination, marginalization, deep-rooted prejudices etc, and
exploring these problems in the context of their unrecognized rights.

We believe that Prague is a very approprate host for such a festival
because the city has its own turbulent history and symbolism vis-a-vis
foreign intervention, repressive regimes and dedicated struggle by
courageous individuals for freedom and human rights. In addition,
Prague has also been named as the European Culture Capital for the
year 2000.

The People in Need Foundation, which will organize the festival, is a
unique, award-winning Czech NGO that combines provision of aid to
countries in crisis with advocacy for democracy and human rights.
Since its establishment in 1992, it has been engaged in relief and
development work in 14 countries.  The foundation also promotes the
work of independent media in non-democratic countries with material
support and training, and brings prominent individuals from countries
in crisis to the Czech  Republic for public meetings.

We believe that the "One World" film festival is a logical step
forward that will serve to fortify the knowledge and involvement of
Czech citizens, especially young people,  in the worldwide effort to
promote human rights and democratic freedoms. In a first year, the
festival will comprise the following categories:

1. Human Rights
2. Films from Africa
3. Voices of Women
4. Country Profiles  (Burma, Tibet, China, Belarus, Bosnia, Cuba,
Haiti, Colombia)

The films will be screened in Prague from 27 - 31 May, with highlights
from the festival screened again the following week in two more Prague
cinemas. Three films will be selected for awards by the festival jury
and one film selected by the audience. All four will then be broadcast
on Czech TV, the national public service television network..

For the purposes of final selection we will need:

1. One VHS copy of the film (preferably with English subtitles).
    Script in English or Russian for translation, and photos (incl.
of the director) for promotional purposes.
    Deadline: January 30th.

2.  Completed questionnaire form (attached).

Thank you for your time and interest, and I look forward to hearing
from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Igor Blazevic
Festival Director


"One World"
International Film Festival
Prague, 1999

Entry Form


Fax.: +420.2. 6113 4137
Tel.: +420.2. 6113 4401 / 02

Specify for non-commercial use.

Our address:	People in Need Foundation
   Kavci Hory
   140 70 Prague 4
   Czech Republic

Possible formats for videotapes sent for consideration:


Original title:
English title:
Country of origin:
Running time:


Mr  /  Ms
Family name:
First name:
Date of birth:
Biography and filmography:

(4 lines maximum for reprinting in festival catalog)

Fiction		Documentary		Animation	 	Other

Available on 		16 mm		35 mm		Betacam

English subtitles	Yes  /  No	Other subtitles  .............

Black & White 				Color

Optical sound			Magnetic sound			Dolby

Length				Number of reels

Ratio	1:33		1:66		1:85		Scope


Value of the print in USD:

Has the film been screened in other festivals?

If yes, which ones?

Has the film won awards? (specify)

Address for returning the print/tape after the festival:

Documents to be enclosed:

Script in original and/or English versions
Photos of the film
Photos of director
Submission implies acceptance of the conditions and regulations of the
"One World" festival.

Signature (rightful owner)


1. The "One World" International Film Festival is open to filmmakers
everywhere in the world. The Festival was conceived to foster the idea
of global responsibility and to advance public education on human
rights issues. The Festival will be held in Prague, Czech  Republic
from 27-31 May 1999.

2. The Festival includes documentaries and feature films as well as
short, experimental and animated films (format: 35 mm, 16 mm, video).
Approximately 30 films from around the world will be presented each
year. Screenings will be followed by discussions.

3. The signed entry form must be sent to the Festival' s office before
January 30th, 1999, together with:

- VHS copy
- synopsis in English
- script in English / or French / or Rusian.
- photos of the film
- biography and filmography, including photos of director.

The Festival selecting committee will choose films for competition.
Selected films will be screened at least twice, once during the
festival days and again during the following week. Videos (VHS format)
of the selected films will be kept in the Festival' s archives. Film
prints (35 mm, 16 mm) and videos (Betacam format) will be returned two
weeks after the end of festival. Videos and related documents of
non-selected films will retained during the Festival and made
available for viewing by special request, and then returned after the
Festival to owners.

4. Jury will give awards for the top three films, together with
diplomas and graphic prints for their directors, and the Festival's
audience will select their favorite film. All four films will be
broadcast on Czech TV.

5. Prints of all films selected for screening in the Festival must
arrive in Prague by no later than 10 May 1999. Translations into Czech
language will be financed by the Festival.  The Festival will pay
insurance costs from the day the films arrive in Prague until the day
they are returned to owners. In case of damage, the Festival will be
responsible for the replacement value of the print. Only prints in
good condition for projection will be accepted.

6. Participants agree to give the Festival copyrights for use of
photos and excerpts of their films (3 minutes max) for diffusion in
the media (electronic and print).