Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:50:40 +0100

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Syndicate: Avantgarde-Ariergarde festival, Szczecin, Poland

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 10:21:17 +0100
From: "Tomek" <>

Communicate number one.

We are group of people from Szczecin, Poland interested with so called
"avant-garde" art: music, theatre, film etc. There is an idea of
consolidation of people connected with modern art in Poland, Middle-East
Europe and the rest of Continent. First step will be an organisation of
festival on the Insko-lake, Poland. We hope you would like to participate
in this idea and join us in any which way : with your advises, contacts,
personal participation or other kind of activity.

Details :

There is many people who thinks they make avant-garde. In our minds most of
them are wrong. First: avant-garde became a subject of musical
establishment (we mean all that business-shit); second: an artists mean
every kind of "strange", non-commercial activity is avant-garde (is it
true?); third: there are many people, who make their art in their own
homes; often it may be a big thing, maybe it is right way; forth: the
general situation of "real" art is not so good, an artists make their work
but the people, especially ordinary people often have not any chance to
know it. So, there is an idea... to join a people, who thinks the same way,
but they don't know about it. To give'em the chance to confront their ideas
with others, to find common way, to joy.

Why "avantgarde-ariergarde"?
The musical establishment goes into a new century with an ideas stolen from
avant-garde movement. This way a true avant-garde artists become real
ariergarders, from other hand there are people who try to do something, but
didn't want to participate in commercial music establishment (or they want
but their art is to high for it). This ariergarde-art may be a new blood
injected into true-art circulation. There is a main cause of our idea to
creation of an independent scene of AVANTGARDE-ARIERGARDE SOCIETY and

We allow to appear any kind of avant-garde creativity but it must be real
creativity, clearly non-commercial.

About festival:

	There is an silent small-town near Szczecin (capital of
in Poland)and not so far from Berlin, situated on beautiful and clear lake
with the woods and hills around it. Every year a town wake up for a while
in the middle of summer because of a film-festival. We want to awake it
totally and add to this festival another kinds of art: music, performance,
theatre, visual arts and change it into a real avant-garde festival.
	Please, rewrite if you want to join or make anything you like about it.
Contacts with young, independent artists are especially desired.

Communicate number two will be issued in short time. It will be consisted
more texts on "avantgarde-ariergarde" idea and information about festival
(with your advises included).

 adresses :

Tomasz H. Rzonca
70 - 853 Szczecin
ul.Warminska 21/1

fax: (48)(091) 433 55 69

	Happy New Year


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