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Syndicate: ResCen - new Performing Arts Center in London

Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 19:58:37 +0000
From: debbi lander <>


The Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts (ResCen) is

an exciting new initiative,an exciting new initiative,
linking professional arts practice with related theoretical research.

ResCen is based within the School of Art, Design and Performing Arts at
Middlesex University.

This new Centre will act as a key focus for the development of
performing arts research and practice both within and outside of the
It will extend research within the performing arts through the
appointment of practice based
researchers who are professional artists.

Focused on the synergy between the investigative processes of
professional artists and the development of related theoretical
the Centre will extend our understanding of practice and theory in
in the performing arts.

The Centre will also serve as a catalyst for wider research through
partnerships with national and international arts organisations
the South Bank Centre, London and Attakkalari Centre for contemporary
performing arts
in South India.

Middlesex University
Middlesex University is a leading establishment for performing arts
practice, working at local, nationaland international levels. It has a
thriving graduate and post graduate culture emanating from its Art,
Design and Performing Arts courses and the exceptional reputation of its

Centre for Electronic Arts (CEA). Integral to teaching provision is the
of interaction with professionals through workshops, residencies and
special projects.

Theme of Creation
Creation is fundamental to the performing arts and the working processes

of the professional artist engaged in high quality and original work.
This creativity is not only criticalto the artistic life of Britain but
also feeds the cultural industries and thus supports the economic well
being of
Britain. The need for further knowledge and debate,based on a developing

body of experience,
is becoming increasingly clear.

ResCen Programme Activities
ResCen, led by Professor Christopher Bannerman, will support a year
round programme of research activities.Results will be disseminated
nationally and internationally
through presentations and performances,articles and lectures,
conferences and digital archives.

Research Associates
One Research Fellow working across the performing arts and six
established professional creators will be appointed as Research
Associates at the Centre. Each Research Associate will bring a
specialist source of expertise to the Centre, and devise and utilise
specific processes in the creation of artworks for performance.

The activities of Research Associates will include contributions to
teaching on related Post Graduate Studies within the School of
Art,Design and Performing Arts, the dissemination of products and the
development of an archive. They will complement the work of the
University's present researchers whose areas of interest and expertise
will form another point of synergy in the work of the Centre.

Three Research Studentships will also be awarded to contribute to the
development of the Centre.

Future Developments
The appointment of a full time Research Fellow whose expertise lies in
the area of research methodologies.

The appointment of three European and international Research
Associateswith expertise in the documentation
of creative and performative processes and the publication of such

The development of digital video recording and editing facilities.

The creation of a Centre Web Site for group based research and
depositing of archive material.

A CD-ROM publication to distribute key findings from all of the Centre's


A series of live and online colloquia, international conferences and
practice based intensives which focus on furthering inter-disciplinary
collaboration and practice based theory.

Tel: + 44 (0) 181 362 6288
Fax: + 44 (0) 171 357 0825