Inke Arns on Fri, 08 Jan 1999 00:24:35 +0100

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Syndicate: From Caius Grozav, Oradea

Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 16:34:50 +0100
From: "caius grozav" <> (by way of andreas broeckmann
Subject: from caius

From:	 caius  -

To:	Andreas - 

Dear -a,

Sorry for "being silent" for the last three month - after ISEA 
(Mancester, Liverpool...)
I had to move to Oradea (120Km from Arad) - it is quite difficult to 
start again in a new

I think you know the Kinema-Ikon mail was sponsored by "uncle 
George"(Soros) in
Timisoara - for two years this functioned from my home (in Arad), and 
when the long
distance phone (Arad-Timisoara) become to expensive for me (as sponsor 
of the group),
I managed to move it at my university (for an other year).
- the good news is the museum has now everything needed (phone line, 
computer modem);
- the bad one, why caius? why kinema-ikon? - and so on ( they probably 
changed if...).
"and so did God love this world, he didn't send a comity to run it"...
Forgot to mention that in this natural process I lost my address book, 
mailer, computer...

Now I'm lecturer at the uni Oradea, I continue part of my lectures in 
Arad, and I'm delivering
some lectures at the Art Academy in Oradea too, (subsequent to those 
delivered in Bucharest
last summer). Although I'm in Arad only one day/week, I'm still with 
kinema-ikon - our printed 
issue of INTERMEDIA 13 is supposed to appear this days.

This letter is written on a 486 Compaq (littered in Holland) which I'm 
setting up for mail in our
new home in Oradea - in a few days we'll have a private mail on a local 
server - I promise to 
send you the new address as soon as I'll have it operational. Message 
will be send from a 
computer club in the neighborhood (using this temporary hotmail 

I'm eager to be "back in the game" again - and I hope to bring some new 
people too (we had
an INTERMEDIART student exhibition in Oradea in November (further 
information and
web page will follow...).

Mary Christmas and A happy new year! for you (and if it's not too 
difficult, please forward it to
everybody on the list...


P.S. I'll attach here two materials I'we promised to Gert for 20.Sep. 
and I vas not able to send...