Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 30 Nov 1998 10:51:24 +0100

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Syndicate: Re: BOUNCE syndicate: Non-member submission

dear syndicalists,

a short piece of list-admin info:

as i wrote a couple of weeks ago, the syndicate list remains open and
unmoderated for all subscribers, so that your messages sent to the list
address go through unfiltered. we have, however, closed the list for
submissions by non-subscribers in order to prevent some of the 'noise';
such messages are 'bounced' to the list-owner (Oliver Frommel, aec) and to
inke and myself. as the list is running on a piece of software, it will
also bounce messages that you send from e-mail accounts that are not
subscribed. this is the reason why there has recently been a number of
re-postings from inke's and my account - we forward everything that is not
pure noise. looks a bit silly though in the mail archive, so if you want to
make sure that postings go right through, please, post from the account
that is subscribed to the list.

greetings from rotterdam,