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Syndicate: French-Baltic-Nordic Video And New Media Festival

French-Baltic-Nordic Video And New Media Festival
Tallinn, Estonia
19-21 November 1998 

/// short report by intim@ ///  


The French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media Festival is an annual 
international electronic arts event taking place in the Baltics. The 1998 
festival was hosted by the E-Media Centre of the Estonian Academy of 
Arts in Tallinn, Estonia.

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dear syndicalists,

i just came back from tallinn, estonia and here is a very short report about 
the 1998 festival, well, to be more precise: about the 2nd part which 

there was of course another, bigger (1st) part for video art, but since i'm not 
a video fan i can't say much about it. maybe someone else will (some 
videos were even very good, especially from finland, but that is the matter of 
personal preferences, i supose).

curator of the 2nd part was tiia johannson and you can find her selection at

inside the 2nd part of the festival 3 actions were presented:

kostya mitenev from russia presented his bionet gallery and undina - United 
united digital nations.

intim@ presented (or better: tried to draw some attention to) the slovenian 
net art activities.

peteris kimelis presented his project.

all the presentations were short because of the slow connection speed and 
because of the nature of net art projects, but there were also some 
computers available for people to enjoy the projects.

organizers were facing many problems, but they did their best and 
everything came out well at the end.

tallinn is a very romantic city and estonia is a very sentimental country. is not very well known there but thanks to the festival situation will 
become better in few years.

i enjoyed everything very much (and have bought the santa's costume, too).

posted by intim@