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Syndicate: DEAF98 publication: The Art of the Accident

Book Publication: The Art of the Accident

On the occasion of DEAF98, V2_ Organisation and NAI Publisers are
publishing a book that is more than a catalogue of the festival, its
exhibition projects and participating artists. The fully illustrated book
takes a synthesising approach towards the intersecting practices present in
the festival, outlining the basics of an ars accidentalis.

The Art of the Accident also includes essays and interviews by:
N. Katherine Hayles (USA), Perry Hoberman (USA), Knowbotic Research+cF
(D/A), Steve Mann (CDN), Brian Massumi (AUS), Humberto Maturana (CHI),
Marcos Novak (USA), Dick Raaijmakers (NL), Lars Spuybroek (NL), Otto E.
Roessler (D), and Paul Virilio (F).

Articles about the projects of the DEAF98 exhibition and other programmes,
including: Mark Bain (USA), Calin Dan (RO/NL), Masaki Fujihata (J), Perry
Hoberman (USA), JODI (NL/B), KIT (GB), Knowbotic Research+cF (D/A), Gunter
Krueger (D), Seiko Mikami (J/USA), Debra Solomon (NL),  VinylVideo/Gebhard
Sengmüller (A), Tamas Waliczky  (H), Herwig Weiser (A/D), Aaron Williamson
(GB), Bureau of Inverse Technology (USA), Association of Strategic
Accidents (D), John Bain (USA), programm 5 (D), Karoly Toth (HU/NL), Zoltan
Szegedy-Maszak + Marton Fernezelyi (HU), and Timothy Druckrey (USA).

Documentation of the transArchitectures 02 + 03 at the Netherlands
Architecture Institute with works by: ABB/ TUD B. Franken (D), Arakawa/
M.Gins (USA), Asymptote (F), Maurice Benayoun (F), Objectile/Cache Beauce
Hammoudi (F), Karl S. Chu (USA), CyberNetiK[A] (B), Decoi (F), degre zero
(F), Neil Denari (USA), Dunne + Raby (GB), Ammar Eloueini (F), John & Julia
Frazer (GB), Christian Girard (F), Gregoire Kligerman Petetin (F), LAB [au]
(B), Greg Lynn (USA), F. Meadows/ F. Nantois (F), Ben + Laura Nicholson
(USA), Marcos Novak (USA), NOX/ Lars Spuybroek (NL), Kas Oosterhuis (NL),
Reiser + Umemoto (USA), ROCHE, DSV & Sie (F), Philippe Samyn (F), Nasrine
Seraji (F), Adrien Sina (F), Neil Spiller (GB), Bernard Tschumi (F/USA).

The book The Art of the Accident can be purchased or ordered at every
bookstore in the Netherlands, at the Netherlands Architecture Institute
Rotterdam, and at V2_Organisation, Rotterdam. During the DEAF98 festival,
it is also available at all other festival locations.

256 pages full colour, price: HFL 49,50
(during the festival, on location, HFL 45,00 with discount coupon)

Published by NAi publishers and V2_Organisation

ISBN 90-5662-090-8

Check the DEAF98 website for text excerpts: (projects)

Further information:

Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
T ++31 10 206 7275
F ++31 10 206 7271

DEAF98  TUE 17- SUN 29 NOVEMBER 1998