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Syndicate: Convergence Call for papers: young people and new media technologies

Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
Call For Papers

Special issue on young people and new media technologies
guest-edited by David Buckingham and Julian Sefton-Green

The Winter 1999 issue of Convergence will be devoted to the theme of young
and new media technologies. Debates on this issue typically invoke contrasting
visions of the future. On the one hand, there are those who celebrate the
autonomy of the new generation of 'cyberkids'; while on the other, there are
those who lament the decline of traditional notions of childhood into a
technological dystopia. Young people are the key target market for a range
of new
media products and marketing; they figure in disputes over the place of
technology in redefining domestic and public spaces; and they are
apparently the
most ready to grasp the cultural possibilities offered by new digital media.
Developments in this field also reflect the changing nature of 'education' and
'entertainment' and of the relationships between them. Yet research is only
beginning to assess the significance of computer and on-line games, both in
themselves and in terms of their influence in other forms of cross-media
and we still have a long way to go in realising the potential impact of new
in bringing about new kinds of teaching and learning. We welcome submissions
relating to the cultural, educational, economic and political dimensions of
field, particularly those based on empirical research into young people's
uses of
digital media.

Copy deadlines
Refereed research articles 30 April 1999
Debates 30 June 1999
Feature reports 30 May 1999

All proposals and submissions for this special issue to either:

Dr David Buckingham Reader in Education Institute of Education, University of
London, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL, UK. Tel: +44 171 612 6515, Fax:
+44 171
612 6177, E-mail:


Dr.Julian Sefton-Green, Media Education Development Officer, Weekend Arts
College, Interchange Studios Dalby Steet, London NW5 3NQ, UK. Tel: +44 171 284
1861, Fax: +44 171 482 4727, E-mail: OR

All other editorial inquiries, general proposals and submissions to: Julia
Knight/Alexis Weedon, Editors, Convergence, School of Media Arts,
University of
Luton, 75 Castle Street, Luton, LU1 3AJ, UK.  Tel: +44 1582 34111, fax: +
44 1582

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