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Syndicate: CALL FOR PARTICIPATIONS - biennale des couvertes

Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 18:29:14 -0400
From:, CENTRE EN ART ACTUEL/Les Éditions Intervention

call for participations - biennale des couvertes 6

For the 6th édition of its Biennale des Couvertes, la Chambre
d'Investigation et le Fonds des Couvertes launch  a

As a theme for the coming edition of la Biennale des Couvertes, LE LIEU
proposes you to work on french expression : concours de circonstances...

As always, the expression is a pawn, difficult to translate or transpose
to english BUT the main idea is to play on the contradictory means of the
situation/here are some clues :

memo_______(biennale des couvertes is a parodic-homonym of a Québec
municipal auction calling itself la Biennale Découverte and its aim is to
achieve a yearly manifestation critical to the current socio-political
art context ;
this year, by lack of money or time, promotors of the official biennal
decided not to hold an auction and instead attribuated prices among Le
Musée du Québec's recent acquisitions>ultimately, promotors wont need
artists anymore !)
So this time in contextualising our title for la biennale des couvertes
98, we chose to address the register of this expression questioning
circumstances, hence context in report with the idea of
contest/competition (as promoted in the auction or market principles)
enhancing the self gratification/(en)closure of this promotional system .

Concours translates as contest/competition, examination/show/promotion as
well as support/assistance/help and circonstances = circumstances. These
put together in french expression concours de circonstances refer to the
coincidence or conjunction of various events into a certain result, the
situation resulting from  a string/link/sequence of a series of events.

To a certain extent,   concours de circonstance could approach the
expression «force of circumstances», or english language would use
expressions such as «under» some circumstances. Th
circumstantial-competitive/selective register/range of this expression
from hasard/arbitrary to consequence, implies the variable positions in
or into a situation, thus engaging questions of responsability,

So LE LIEU invites you to explore/express on this, and propose a piece,
visual, 2d, 3d, literal or literary, digital, audio [taped or live on the
night of opening], video [there will be a Hi-8 video camera, 1
magnetoscope and monitor, 28in] that you can deliver, mail, email or fax
to LE LIEU by December 7th [montage will go from 7 to 10],  AND/OR live
intervention at the opening of what we would like to become more a
tribune to express on the context of art than a casual vernissage
[exhibition will run till January].

So whether you wish to address coincidence, chance, luck (or lack of)...
uncertain, random, abusive or (in)consequent circumstances,  actual or
fictitious, extraordinary, casual, frightening, funny, predictible,
extatic, arbitrary or dramatic, pathetic, derisory circumstances,  you
are invited to expose and/or express
share in various means your inspiration and convictions on this theme
evoke paradoxal, stunning, moving or compromising,
enonce ideal or denonce alienating circumstances
(one needs not go far to observe circumstances which absurd or derisory
character would rival to deserve a mention in a contest of
circonstances/circumstantial contest)

In such (artistically) determined circumstances, the opening will also be
occasion to reevaluate current context and events to
elect-select circumstances meeting criteria everyone are invited to
determine in order (or disorder/non order) to
attribute, award or impute prices and mentions to various circumstances
deserving titles of mitigating, aggravating etc
This concours de circonstances is a pretext to address questions and
notions of intention and finality, in a metaphoric/euphoric-participative
You dream of influencing ! course of things, or evade ill fortune,
lend your contribution to the circumstance and participate to la
Biennale des Couvertes/Everybody wins at this concours de circonstances !
[prices will be distributed to all attending  the opening]
Final will be held friday dec. 11 at LE LIEU. )

reception of your works: by monday décember 7 1998  (by mail, email, fax,
in person)
actions at opening : contact-us
PLEASE CONFIRM AT (418) 529.9680/f (418) 529.6933/

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345, rue du Pont, Québec, Québec G1K 6M4
T 418 529 9680 * F 418 529 6933
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