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Syndicate: BITGENERATION 98 / Tokyo Techno Tourism

>**************************** [kunst und technik] newsletter ****************
>******************************** invitation / einladung ********************

u p c o m i n g    E x h i b i t i o n :

in cooperation with [kunst und technik] are exclusively

> Video Games Culture in Japan

Exhibition:	   Computer Games Museum Berlin (fjs e.V.)
           	   TV-Game Museum Japan (Hiroshi Masuyama)
	              in cooperation with [kunst und technik] e.V.

Design:	       Jotaro Shibuya
Grafics:       TOURSALON Berlin (
Place:	        [kunst und technik] e.V. (Monbijoustr. 2-3, 10117 Berlin)
Language:	     Trilingual (German, English, Japanese)

Vernissage:    December 11th 20:00pm CET
Press-opening: December 10th 11:00am CET
Duration:	     December 11th to 27th 1998
               open daily from 14:00 to 22:00 CET (except Monday)
               long hours: December 11/12/18/19th open until 02:00am CET



Specials:      -11.12.98 20:00pm CET Vernissage (DJ MASUYAMA, Japan)
               -12.12.98 19:00pm CET Lecture + Talk (english)
               Masuyama(jp), Hirobayashi(jp), Grassmuck(d), Lange(d)
               "Japanese videogames culture in the talk"
               info: Andreas Lange (

               -16.12.98 20:00pm CET Lecture + Videosequences (german)
               Marc Gloede(d)
               "Architektur im japanischen Film"
               info: Marc Gloede (Fax.:++49 (0)30 285 84 14)

               -18.12.98 20:00pm CET Lecture + Film-screening (german)
               Volker Grassmuck(d)
               "Japogames und Japanimation"
               FILM: "Natural Born Digital"
               Gusztàv Hàmos & Katja Pratschke, 1998
               info:Volker Grassmuck (

               -19.12. and 20.12.98 from 17:00pm CET:
               "RAMEN" / Original Japanese Soup
               info: Oliver (

Hiroshi Masuyama,founder of the TV-Game Museum (Japan) and
exhibitor of the annual Bit Generation and The Computer Games
Museum (Berlin) are exclusively presenting the 1998 issue of
the Bit Generation in Berlin in cooperation with [kunst und technik].

Next to the USA, Japan is the largest producer of recreational soft-
and hardware. There is hardly any other country in which digital
gaming takes such an important place in general leisure planning.
It is hard to believe that we know so little about the specific
issues of Japanese gaming culture and lifestyle.

In Japanese video games culture, technical innovation is combined
with ancient tradition.
The exhibition takes visitors on a ride through Techno-Media
Metropolis Tokyo using video games as navigation instruments.
Today's Japanese game industries, urban city landscapes, architectural
scenarios and everyday Tokyo youth-culture start overlapping and
merging with imaginary environments and spaces of up-to-date video games.
Is there still a distinctive line between the two worlds?
A frame-program of discourses, film-screenings, happenings and talks
completes the show.

The increasing cultural impact of computer games is reflected by the
conception of the "Tokyo Techno Tourism" exhibition.
It is explicitly aimed at both traditional users as youngsters and
families and the variety of grown-ups whose lives and occupations are -
everyday more - affected by having to sort out reality and simulation.
In addition the exhibition will go perfectly with the recent trendy
interest in cutting-edge Japanese lifestyle.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either:

[kunst und technik] e.V. , Edler&Edler,
Tel.:++49 (0)30 28391138
Fax.:++49 (0)30 28391139


Computer-Spiele Museum Berlin
Tel.:++49 (0)30 2793351
Fax.:++49 (0)30 27590233