Jeremy Welsh on Mon, 16 Nov 1998 18:46:01 +0100

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Syndicate: Art & Architecture Seminar

Art and Architecture in the Expanded Field is a two day seminar at NTNU
(The Norwegian University of Science and Technology) on 19 - 20 November

Art and Architecture in the  < e x p a n d e d  > Field
(referring to Rosalind Krauss' text Sculpture in The Expanded Field) is a
seminar series jointly promoted by Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and The
Institute for Form and Colour, (Faculty of Architecture, Planning  and
Fine Art), together with the History of Art Section (Department of Art and
Media Studies). As a part of the interdisciplinary programme of NTNU (The
Norwegian University of Science and Technology) this series aims to open up
areas of common ground and mutual interest between the different
disciplines that are represented. Artists, art historians, architects and
cultural theorists, as well as students,  are invited to attend and
participate. Invited speakers from Norway, Russia, Latvia, Finland and the
USA will give a variety of papers and presentations covering visual art,
architecture and new media.

The "expanded field" of art and architecture today encompasses a wide
variety of structures, institutions, strategies, ideologies, media and
resources. Whilst artist-run galleries, operating on shoestring budgets,
carry forward the tradition of risk-taking in the presentation of new,
radical or difficult forms of contemporary art, other groups of artists
operating outside of the mainstream have relocated their practice in
cyberspace, establishing net-servers that are run by and for artists,
whilst conducting a lively debate around critical and theoretical issues
relating to the net and what net-specific art might be. Within this new
digital arena we also meet a number of ground-breaking architects who are
concerned with how we visualize cyberspace, how we construct spaces within
it and how we connect the real to the virtual. The speakers at this seminar
represent a diverse range of practices and theoretical discourses and will
present diverging viewpoints which will allow for a provisional mapping of
this expanded - or expanding - field.

Speakers: Marcos Novak, Peter Anders, Olia Lialina, Erkki Huhtamo, Jaanis
Garancs, Geir Tore Holm, Søssa Jørgensen. Seminar chairman: Jeremy Welsh