vesna manojlovic on Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:11:48 +0100

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Syndicate: vr: e-relevance from Vesna


post-festum e-relevant revalations (too late?)

	(in no particular order)


thank you for everything! i am very glad to finally meet
you (ok, branko, to see you again :)
i hope we will stay in virtual and also more real contact.
i know i will meet some of you on some more confer-places,
but i would like to have you as guests in belgrade -
not just for my pleasure but also to take part in
cultural, art, media and other "educational" events.

for un-finished impresions of our first meeting, see

real revalation 1:
one of my problems during gatherings like this or in
every new situation that has a group involved (and
almost every has) - was non-existing from the beginning,
and that gave me lot of relief (spelling?!):
i was not forced to "choose" anybody of you to fall in/
make love with or to "seduce" in any way ('cause i was
already in love -- but that gave me another problem,
and that is that i was mostly absent with my spirit: see

real revelation 2:
i was very scared before i came - will i be able to
take part in group work? will i be interesting enough?
will i be helpful? will i learn something? how will i
fit in?
but, during the first day, it almost completely disappeared.
we went walking, and i found that rotterdam is very
intersting and nice city, even if not so _perfect_ like
a'dam or cosy like some smaler cities in holland..
and i found in it *nature* - even if it is a port, and
industrial zone, gras and flowers still can fight their
way out, to the rain.. i even met two rabbits -- in the
middle of the town! not afraid at all, munching the gras,
bouncing around...

real revelation 3:
i was glad to find out more about cultural diversities:
most i learned, naturaly, about holland, as i already
knew the most. but, i haven't know, for example, how
big art and cultural center is rotterdam, and that art
is very much supported by the state; then, i found out
that woman groups from a'dam and delft academic circles
are not so friendly among themselves; then, how difficult
is to have internet access in bulgaria, and that soros
is not "working" in spain; that in finland verbs have 15
cases ! and how to put chocolate drops on bread for
breakfast (.nl)... + i got help for my ongoing
international project with the working title "take care
of the future" - unfortunately, i haven't time to finish
it, but i will, and they will be (at least linked) at

real revelation 4:
it was very nice to see my old friends again (from
last year's conferences) (like i will be seeing you
from now on.. ;) - "brandon" launching i heard last
year for, and i saw "de waag" for the first time,
and met: patrice (without hinde, but i hope to see them
on "hearts" in linz soon, together); zone, XU legend,
gastarbaiter in nl, virtually sunbathing; jesis (
reminder/teacher of mine, but also my "consciousness", and
that sometimes gives bad hearache..); debra, who also
came to introduce living (unfortunately, recording that
i made last summer in kassel, on swans, was not good
enough to stay in _living's_ archive); rop@x-xs4all
(don't be surprised to find me in two years in
cyber-village, portugal..); tamara, my dear girl who last
year visited east europe and had lot of phun - together
with me - in budapest in belgrade (also x-xs4all);
hanno, "false chinese" but real hugging panda; alex,
THE most crazy sysadm+dj; stef, linux wizard ...
much much more of them i haven't got time/chance to
see at all, and with all of these who i met i haven't
talked enough.. maybe next time..

graziella: thanks for hosting me for all this time -
it was nice to be your guest! thanks for my own room
(i was not feeling too lonely in it), typical dutch
stair-case, cats in the morning, cosy bed, bathroom
with it's own will, interesting, funny and useful
breakfast conversations and meals, and two important
movies: "heavenly creatures" and "antonia".