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Syndicate: V2_East Newsletter 98/06

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 98/06

- Introduction
- Dates of upcoming events
- Updates

- General info about the Syndicate list
- Subscription

* Introduction *

Dear friends,

apologies for the length of this newsletter, but a lot of announcements
have come in recently, and i have heard from several people that they
forward the newsletter to others, so that it seems worthwhile to repeat
some of the info that comes in through the list in the course of the
previous month. for those of you who check those postings regularly, there
is some stuff that wasn't posted via the list in the *Updates* at the end
of the newsletter, everything else you can skip.

Here in rotterdam we are in the middle of the Virtual Revolutions workshop
which has brought 11 artists from 7 european countries together. there are
lots of small and big discussions going on, and some very nice
collaborations emerging.

Outside the V2 building, daniel, one of the participants, ran into a bunch
of lithuanian artists who are travelling europe and who were looking for
V2. they had just parked their car, accidentally met daniel who was on his
way to the bakery, and half an hour later, Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas
<> were subscribed to the Syndicate list. the first
network members from lt.

Melentie Pandilovski <> is starting to prepare the
'Junction' Syndicate meeting which will take place in Skopje/Macedonia on
the dates 2 - 4 October, in the framework of the Skopje Electronic Arts
Fair '98. if you want to come and join the meeting in skopje, please, get
in touch with melentie to arrage invitations etc. Inke Arns
<> will be editing the second Syndicate Reader that
will be produced for that meeting. if you have any texts, reports, or other
material lying around that you want to suggest for inclusion in this
reader, please, get in touch with inke. the first reader that she produced
for the ostranenie97 forum is now completely sold out.

the Junction meeting will be *the* Syndicate meeting this year, so it would
be nice if as many of us as possible could make it there. if not before,
see you in skopje?

best wishes,


* Dates of (some) upcoming events and exhibitions *
(check the archive at for postings about these

- June - July 1998: Polar Circuit 2, Tornio/Lapland/FI
- 1 - 15 July 1998: Crossing Over, Novi Sad/YU
- 4 July 1998: Art Servers Unlimited, London/UK
- 6 - 11 July 1998: Face2Face, Graz/AT
- 8 - ? July 1998: 4th Annual SCCA Exhibition, Skopje/MK
- 17 - 19 July 1998: 8th Cyberconf, Budapest/HU
- mid-August 1998: Meeting Point, Sarajevo/BiH
- 2 - 7 September 1998: ISEA98, Liverpool&Manchester/UK
- 3 - 6 September 1998: Subfiction - 3. Werkleitz Biennale, Werkleitz/D
- 5 - 6 September 1998: Baitz mit Klang 2, Baitz/D
- 4 - 13 September 1998: pictures of (e)motion, Bonn/D
- 7 - 12 September 1998: ars electronica, Linz/AT
- 18 - 23 September 1998: World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam/NL
- 25 - 29 September 1998: Videonale 8 , Bonn/D
- 2 - 4 October 1998: Junction/Syndicate Meeting, Skopje/MK
- 2 - 9 October 1998: SEAFair - COMMUNING, Skopje/MK
- 2 - 10 October 1998: L'Immagine Leggera, Palermo/IT
- 9 - 18 October 1998: MuuMediaFestival, Helsinki/Fi
- 9 - 11 October 1998: ROOT, Hull/UK
- 15 - 25 October 1998: Nouveau Cinema/Nouveaux Medias, Montreal/CA
- 16 - 25 October 1998: Pandaemonium, London/UK
- 30 October - 6 December 1998: SURRO GATE, Karlsruhe/D
- 17 - 22 November 1998: DEAF98, Rotterdam/NL
- 19 - 21 November 1998: French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media
Feestival, Tallinn/EE
- 12 - 21 February 1998: transmediale, Berlin/D

* Crossing Over III (CO+++)
Mini-International Festival of New Video Art
July 1  - July 15, 1998, Art Academy of Novi Sad University

ORGANIZER: CYBERNS media lab in colaboration with Art academy Novi Sad
and UKA Apostrof


The purpose of the Mini-International Festival of New Video Art
Crossing Over I/II, Sofia, BG, 1996/97 was to establish a framework
within which East European artists would be able to develop and
implement initial experimental video art projects using digital studio
facilities. The pilot project aimed at fostering contacts between the
isolated young art practitioners from Eastern Europe who tend to
contact mainly the Western agencies. Thus Crossing Over I/II
established a tradition for promoting the skills and the output of
young  videomakers. Crossing Over I/II also served
as an alternative from the mainstream culture to create further
connections between artists, distributors and viewers. The basic and
still persistent hindrance to any East-European video and media
artist - the access to proper high technology or knowledge of
alternate production technologies - has been thoroughly explored in
CO+ and CO++ and will be re-negotiated in CO+++, too.


Dimitrina SEVOVA (BUL)
Milica TOMIC (YU)

Mary Avril GILLAN (IRL) as a guest participant

CO+++ workshops masters and visiting lecturers:

Nina CZEGLEDY )(CAN/HUN),  Aleksandar DAVIC (YU),  Lisa HASKEL (UK),
Iliyana NEDKOVA (BUL/UK) and  Erika PASZTOR (HUN)

CO+++ is funded by Cultural Link New York, Fund for an Open Society
Yugoslavia and local CO+++ funs.

conference and event
London, 4th of July 1998, ICA, The Mall

ART SERVERS UNLIMITED is a conference and event putting a
spotlight on art servers as innovative nodes of cultural activity on the
net. Part of the Festival of Central European Culture, ART SERVERS
UNLIMITED brings together about 50 people representing 22 projects coming
from 7 different countries. The event will address issues such as:

Who are the real creative forces on the internet?
Will the increasing presence of e-commerce and info-shops threaten the
existence of independent arts ventures?
What can be done to support and sustain  independent, noncommercial,
artistic or experimental  projects on the internet?

Date: 4th of July 1998
Location: ICA New Media Center and Brandon Room
Times:11.30 a.m. -  6 p.m.: Public Conference and Panel discussion,
structured presentation of Art Server activities. Participants can examine
Art Servers on web-stations dedicated to the present projects.

Prices: 8 / 6 Pounds
Box Office  0171 930 36 47

8 p.m. - 1 a.m.: Net.Radio Live Event with ministry:of:x-periment
(Slovenia), Pararadio (Hungary),  OZOne (Latvia), t0 ecape radio lounge
(Austria), radio Lada (Italy), Backspace (UK), ProteinTV (UK) a.o.

Please note: a more specific schedule and conference plan will be mailed
out on request soon:

Organisation-By / Reply-To:
Manu Luksch [] and
Armin Medosch []
52B Andrews Rd, London E8 4RL
T: 0044.171.9238830 F: 9238831

* Face2Face:  The Body, Identity and Community in Cyberspace
July 6-11, 1998, Forum Stadtpark Graz  (Austria)

Face2Face is a series of workshops, presentations, events, and exhibition
that  reflects the conception of the body, cultural identity, and female
personality in the context of the digital networks. Communities in Cyberspace
are examined on their capability of political action, and their ability of
creating permanent communication-structures, transgressing borders and

Women artists, theorists, and hackers who come from different cultural
backgrounds, can have the experience of a common communication-space in
Cyberspace and share in an environment which is familiar to all of them.
Women  who subscribe to the mailing-list "faces", their guests and the
public, will
meet face2 face in Graz in the real space of Forum Stadtpark to work on joint
collaborative projects and presentations.

Evolving from the project "Face Settings" ( - a
series of  performance installations and cooking events, created by Kathy
Rae Huffman and Eva Wohlgemuth, to bring margalized women together in a
supportive  communication experience, the mailing-list "faces" was
established. The  mailing-list connects women from areas that bordered on
the fringe territories  (and concern) of the European media centres, with
women from Austria. Since the first official dinner for women in September
1996 during the ISEA  and D.E.A.F., there were several meetings of this
permanently growing  communitiy at numerous cyber co-cooking events in the
virtual and the real  space: real dinners and  real tables as interface and
strategic social setting  for communication.

Forum Stadtpark is glad to invite women from the Face Settings collaboration
to a big dinner at the opening of the exhibition of interactive or computer-
related installations by women artists, which part of the "faces"-community.
Connections will be made to other female communities and groups around the
world using IRC-chats and CU-SeeMe webcams, so that different locations are
connected to form a virtual/real dinner party of women at various spaces
around the world.

A symposion during the event will focus on women-related fields of interest
and problems in the context of the new technologies. It will work out the
significance of the economic, social and political context of different
countries, on the examples of the situation in St. Petersburg, Belgrade,
Glasgow, London, Germany, America, Canada and Austria.

Monday - Wednesday 6. 7. - 8. 7. 14:00-18:00 Real-Video
Monday - Saturday 6. 7. - 11. 7. 14:00-18:00 Real-Audio
Workshop with Vesna Manojlovic (Radio B92, Beograd), Reni Hofmüller
(Radio Helsinki, Graz), and others ...

Wednesday, 8. 7. 20:00 Vernissage
Julia Meltzer (NY), Beverley Hood (Glasgow); Betty Spackman (Toronto)/Anja
Westerfroelke (Linz); Veronika Dreier (Graz), and others
Dinner by Evelyn Teutsch (D), Drinks: Kirsch (A)
Performance by Biljana Vickovic

Thursday 9.7.
11:00 Opening of the Symposion: Kathy Rae
Huffman/Diana McCarty: Online Female Communities
12:30 Cornelia Sollfrank (OBN, Berlin): Die Wahrheit über Cyberfeminismus/
The Truth about Cyberfeminism
15:00 Zana Poliakov (Beograd): Tank Girl Stategy of Success or Recipies
of the Cybercook
16:30 Irena Aktuganova, Alla Mitrofanova (Cyber-Femin-Club, St.
Petersburg): "East" and "West" in Cyberfeminism
20:00 Lindsay Perth and Beverley Hood (Glasgow): "Remote: A Virtual Picnic"

Friday 10.7.
11:00 Doris Weichselbaumer (Linz): Economic Implications of the Net
12:00 Maria Pallier (RTVE, Madrid): Pornography Online
15:00 Katy Deepwell (n.paradoxa, London): Frauen und Neue Medien/Women
and New Media
16:30 Birgit Huber, Evelyn Teutsch (D): Die Vision vom Cyborg im Cyberspace -
Welten jenseits von männlich und weiblich?/The Vision of the Cyborg in

Cyberspace - Worlds Beyond Male and Female?
20:00 Margarete Jahrmann (A): SUperFEMper4MANce
21:30 ZLAN (Konzert/Concert)

Saturday 11.7.:
Künstlerinnengespräche und Arbeitsgruppen/Artists Talks and Workshops
11:00 Beverley Hood (Glasgow): "Elevator"
12:00 Josefine Papst: moving pictures, motion, and emotions - or why do
we die for being bored? (Vortrag/Workshop)
14:00 Sabine Seymour: Internet-Extranet-Intranet - The Web-Enabled Entreprise
15:00 Margarete Jahrmann: Fiktionale Identitäten
18:00 Farewell-Dinner

Moderation: Elisabeth Binder (Pheminist Cyber Roadshow)

For more information, please contact:

Eva Ursprung
Tel: +43.316.38 44 63, Fax: 47 18 61

* 4th Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Skopje
	1111 Portrait

Opening on Wednesday, 08. July 1998, at 9:00 PM.
at H'vzi Pashini Konaci*, v. Bardovci, Skopje, Macedonia.


Elizabeta Avramovska	Sonja Abadzieva Dimitrova/ 	Translation
Antoni Maznevski	Dejan Budjevac/	 	In the Unknown Existence
Tome Adzievski	Marika Bocvarova Plavevska/	Retouch
Nada Prlja 		Valentino Dimitrovski/	Closed Windows
Valentin Dimanovski	Ivana Jarcevska/Ideoplastic Plasma "Portrait"
Dusan Drakalski 	Kristina Miljanovska/		Layers
Aleksandar Kondev	Hristijan Panev/		Cicino (Roulette)
Miroslav Stojanovic	Nikola Pisarev/		Fly Fisherman
Aleksandar Stankovski  Branislav Sarkanjac/Portrait of the Citizen from FYROM
Minas Bakalcev	Mitko Hadzi Pulja/	 	Remembering Death
Iskra Dimitrova	Ivan Dzeparovski/		Portrait of Plotinus

At 9:00 PM: Announcing of the awarded project team (artist and curator).
		Award US$2000

At 23.00:	The  PARTY starts
Shuttle Bus from 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM.
Departure in front of the SCCA office (every 30 min.), Orce Nikolov 109,

Melentie Pandilovski

* 8th Cyberconf, Budapest/Hungary

the 8cyberconf of unusual dimensions, the Podference, produced by
Hirisk, protected by etoy, to be held 17-19 July,1998 in Budapest,
presents the Podmasters, the Podsters, and the Pods in High Risk Baby!
Live Webcast! Take the risk and register Now or Go feed the baby high
risk data!

for info check out
or contact suzy meszoly at to register


REVOLUTION98 [part of the ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art]

revolution98 is the exhibition and events programme organised by the FACT
as part of isea98.  ISEA, the annual International Symposium on Electronic
Art is the foremost event of its kind in the world.  isea98, the ninth
symposium, has been organised as a partnership with Liverpool John Moores
University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

revolution98 is the largest and most ambitious programme of electronic arts
projects ever staged in Britain.   It takes place simultaneously in
Liverpool and Manchester and can be found in galleries, theatres, bars,
clubs, trains and on the internet.

The programme explores the effect of the so-called 'technological
revolution' on art, culture and society through the work of artists,
musicians, computer programmers and others and considers what's become of
the idea of 'REVOLUTION' at the end of the century.

All this is explored, questioned and celebrated in more than 100 diverse
projects by artists from 29 different countries.

Here's a summary of participating artists and venues. For a detailed
programme please e-mail


The ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art opens in Liverpool on
September 2nd.
Hosted for the first time in the UK, the annual ISEA symposium is acclaimed
for its ability to bring together the international cutting edge of opinion
and opinion-makers concerned with the cultural use of  Information
Technology. Liverpool Art School and the Liverpool Institute for Performing
Arts host the Revolution Symposium.  Together they are forum and laboratory
in which to identify, assert and critique the notions and metaphors of
Revolution - a word that describes both cyclic repetition  and  violent
severence.  Liverpool has assembled an outstanding global group of artists,
academics, inventors and commentators ranging from 1960s electronic
pioneers through to young, unsung iconoclasts impatient of everything.
Together they will challenge and engage with a programme of presentations
integrating papers, dialogues / debates, artist and technologists'
workshops, exchanges and performances.  For constantly up-dated information
check and

Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Art School, 68 Hope Street,
Liverpool L1 9EB
T +44 (0)151 709 3420
F +44 (0)151 231 5096

Registration and fees:

ISEA98 six day programme:  Revolution Symposium at Liverpool September 02-04
Terror Symposium at Manchester September 05-07
Cost:  £315
Concession cost: £284. For symposium speakers, full-time students and
existing ISEA members.

ISEA98 three day programme: Liverpool Revolution Symposium September 02-04*
Cost: £175

ISEA98 day programme:  Liverpool Revolution Symposium September 03 or 04*
Cost: £85

please contact
ISEA98 Registration, 2 Maryland Street, Liverpool L1 9DE, UK
T +44 (0)151 231 3585
F +44 (0)151 709 5057

* Ars Electronica 98
Festival for Art, Technology and Society
INFOWAR - information.macht.krieg
7-12 September 1998
Linz, Austria

Between 7th and 12th September 98, the 17th Ars Electronica will take
place under the banner of INFOWAR - information.macht.krieg

INFOWAR sheds light on the strategies and possibilities of
computer-supported conflict ranging from the Gulf War to the activities
of cyberguerillas, as well as assessing the internal logic of the
Information Society in connection with war.

A full schedule of events and performances, installations and network
projects are clustered around this complex of topics. The Ars
Electronica Symposium and the Prix Ars Electronica constitute the core
of the festival.

September 8 - 9, 1998, Brucknerhaus Linz
Peter Arnett/USA, Viviane Forrester/F, Lucky Green/USA, Friedrich
Kittler/D, Paul Virilio/F, Michael Wilson/GB, Kunda Dixit/Nepal, Shen
Weiguang/RCH, Igor Panarin/RU, George J. Stein/US, Doyne Farmer/US, Ute
Bernhardt/D, Michael Geyer/US, Ingo Guenther/D/US,  Joichi Ito/J,
RTMark/US, Douglas Rushkoff/US, Georg Schoefbaenker/A, Tim Druckrey/US
Moderation by: Manuel de Landa/MEX

Events & Performances

Global Hockets - Supreme Particles/From Scratch/D/NZ
8.9. Brucknerhaus Linz, 20.00

Solar A Wardenclyffe Project - Marko Peljhan/YU
9.9. Brucknerhaus/Donaupark, 19.30

Pole - Granular Synthesis: Hentschlaeger&Langheinrich/A
10.9. Posthof Linz, 20.00

Staalplaat Sound of Music
featuring: Negativland/US, People Like Us/GB, Muzictoerist/NL
11.-12.9. Posthof Linz, 22.30

Super Collider- a sound accelerator by Fa.Huber/A
7.-11.9. Stadtwerkstatt, 23.30
9.-10.9. Ars Electronica Quarter, 21.00
with: Peter Kruder/A, Richard Dorfmeister/A, Shantel/D, Daniel
Haaksman/D, Sam Auinger/A, Tosca/A, Lukas Ligeti/USA, Paloma/D, Jim
O'Rourke/USA, Rachel de Boer/NL, Julia  Zdarsky/A, Kurt Mayer/A,
Scanner/GB - preliminary state of the project

3.-10. 9.  Brucknerhaus Linz
openX is an experimental arrangement facilitating the encounter with
network art.

THE HEART: Hackers Electronic ART
In connection with openX, Ars Electronica 98 is hosting an international
hacker meeting.

including those by Robin Bargar/GB, Marko Peljhan/SLO, Calin Dan/RO,
Paul Garrin/US and David Rokeby/CDN will be set up in the Ars
Electronica Center, the Brucknerhaus and the O.K Centrum fuer
The CAVE Virtual Reality installation World Skin by Maurice Benayoun and
Jean-Baptiste Barriere/F, awarded the 1998 Golden Nica for Interactive

Prix Ars Electronica
Golden Nicas 98
Computeranimation: Liang-Yuan Wang/USA  "The Sitter"
Visual Effects: Robert Legato/Digital Domain/USA  "Titanic"
.net: Knowbotic Research/D/A  "10_DENCIES"
Interactive Art: Maurice Benayoun/Jean-Baptiste Barriere/F "World Skin"
Computermusic: Peter Bosch/Simone Simons/NL  "Krachtgever"
U19 Freestyle Computing: Florian Nehonsky/Michael Mossburger/Valerian
Wurzer/A "Titanic - Der Film"

Cyberarts 98
Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition
8-13.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst, 10.00-24.00
exhibition's extended run
15.-20.9. 16.00
Cyberarts 98 provides an intense and impressive look at the
state-of-the-art and the extraordinary diversity of digital media art.

Cyberarts Nightline

8.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst/Mediendeck,
with: Rupert Huber/A, Gisburg/USA, Anna Clementi/I, Bettina
Wackernagel/D, Mike Daliot/A, Isabella Bordoni/I, Richard Dorfmeister/A
- preliminary state of the project

Electronic Theatre
9.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst/Mediendeck

Nerve Theory: Shades of Catatonia
Tom Sherman/CDN/US, Bernhard Loibner/A
9.9. 11.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst

Ars Electronica Center Linz and ORF Upper Austrian Regional Studio
Brucknerhaus Linz, O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst, Posthof Linz

Ars Electronica Center
Hauptstrasse 2
A-4040 Linz
tel. +43.732.7272-0
fax. +43.732.7272-77

More information and updates in our program:

* Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '98

The Center for Computer Arts which acts within the framework of the
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia


* V.R. - WWW - Net-Linked - CD-ROM  exhibition

SEAFair is the first manifestation of this kind on the Balkans, bringing
together International
web  artists, multimedia artists, media critics,  theorists, and
philosophers, as well as the interested audience.
SEAFair is conceived to be a serial of international events,
exhibitions/video conferences,
workshops, and meetings which will explore the creation and existing of
new media and electronic arts and venues.
Seafair assists the communication within the European emerging electronic
art&media scene.
Seafair urges the discussions about the artistic, philosophic, educational,
and other aspects of
the emerging media.
SEAFair serves as an international and intercultural meeting point of arts
and technologies.

The web site of CefCA [Center for Computer Arts]
which acts within the frameworks of the
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje
will be updated frequently and will contain full information on these events.
Also see SEFair '97 on:

Call for Contributions

V.R., WWW, Net-Linked, and CD-ROM Art Exhibition
Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
October 02 - 09, 1998 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

An international call for V.R., WWW, Net-Linked, and CD ROM Art projects.
The exhibition Communing addresses the theme of the visions of the artists
including the
processes of Imagining, Meditation, Dreaming, Reflection and Visualization,
during the process of art creation.
The exhibition will feature the result of the Communing i.e. the digital
language of different
international artists that express themselves in V.R., the WWW, Net  -Linked
Installations, and CD-ROM.
The exhibition is conceived as an encounter of artists, technologies and
Communing is especially interested in original innovative projects.
The exhibition welcomes all projects using information technology and
different multi-media
applications, hypertext, vrml.
The selected international projects will be presented in the Skopje Museum
of Contemporary Art,
accompanied with a lectures of the invited artists, and a workshop
directed at qualifying the local artists and audience for complex media
The submitted projects will pass through a juried election process.
The authors of the projects retain all of the copyrights.

Deadline for submission: July 15, 1998
Notification of acceptance: July 25, 1998

International Web Art and CD ROM Art exhibition
Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
Date of exhibition: 02.- 09.October 1998

Submit  proposals for the event to:
Melentie Pandilovski, Curator of SEAFair '98
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia
Orce Nikolov 109, 91000 Skopje
tel/fax:	389.91.133.541

presented by
London Electronic Arts


London Electronic Arts is pleased to announce the second Pandaemonium
Festival, to take place at the new Lux Centre between October 16-23, 1998
(single screen), October 16 - November 28 (Installations).  Pandaemonium is
London's festival of the moving image, showcasing the best new film, video
and new media art.

We are seeking New Media work to be shown at the 1998 festival.

London Electronic Arts
LUX Centre
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
Tel: 44(0)171 684 0101
Fax: 44(0)171 684 1111

an exhibition at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media
October 30 - December 6, 1998

*Surro Gate* signals important developments in the field of distributed
multimedia and inhabited information spaces. Between 30 October and 6
December 1998, the ZKM Institute for Visual Media will present new
interactive installations by Maurice Benayoun, Knowbotic Research, Ken
Feingold, Perry Hoberman, Agnes Hegedus, Pavel Smetana, Michael Bielicky,
Masaki Fujihata, Forced Entertainment and Bernd Lintermann/Torsten

Multi-user connectivity, real, surrogate and virtual heterogeneity,
immersive installations and the ZKM's kineasthetic motion platform will be
featured in this exhibition. Cooperations with the Dutch Electronic Art
Festival (DEAF) in Rotterdam, Doors of Perception in Amsterdam as well as
the Information Societies Technologies Conference (ISTEC) in Vienna,
complement *Surro Gate* and give European and International visitors an
opportunity to enjoy a qualitative itinerary of related events.

The Austrian group *Granular Synthesis* will perform POLe in the
ZKM Media Theatre on 13, 14 and 15 November 1998.


* Updates *

* Herwig G. Hoeller <>
is currently in Moscow and is writing  weekly reports about what he is
doing and the people he is meeting. some of them are the usual suspect
syndicate members. most of it is in german, with some real-audio documents
and photographs.

* Radek, the Moscow-based radical cultural magazine, has created a (mostly
russian) website on

* a report from last year by Drazen Pantic about
Internet in Serbia: From the Dark Side of the Moon to the Internet
can be found at

* "Vincent O'Brien" <> writes:
just dropping you a note on our film festival.  I would greatly
appreciate any help in getting the word out on this.
visit us at:

* Katerina Pavlickova <> writes:


The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague is opening a Laboratory
for New Media Art on its premises -  in the historical center of
Prague. The laboratory has been equipped in cooperation with the Czech
branch of the Silicon Graphics. The Laboratory is going to be open for
Czech artists who are going to make use of it to produce art
projects to be presented at local and international exhibitions. It is
important to say that young Czech artist have not had an equal
opportunity so far: this laboratory should therefore enable them to
carry on their work when they leave the Academy.

The NEW MEDIA ART has played an important role in the SCCA-Prague
overview of a development of contemporary art, as it is a rear branch
of human activity in which free imagination of artists is a natural
part of general development. The SCCA-Prague prepared the first
extensive exhibition of new media art, entitled Orbis Fictus, in the
Czech Republic in December 1995. The establishment of the Laboratory
on the premises of the SCCA-Prague is the second step that naturally
follows the former activities of the SCCA-Prague in the field of new
media art. The activity of the SCCA is conducted in close cooperation
with the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, National Gallery in Prague
and the Goethe Institute.

Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague, Ujezd 40, Prague 1 - 118 00
Telephone number: +420-2-57 00 74 05, fax number: +420-2-55 14 88

* General Info *

V2_East is an initiative of V2_Organisation Rotterdam, which is aimed at
creating a network of people and institutions who are involved with or
interested in media art in Eastern Europe and which wants to create an
infrastructure that facilitates cooperations between partners in East and
West. With its 'Syndicate' mailing list, website <>
and regular meetings, V2_East is becoming an important tool for fostering
ties within the media art community in Europe which makes it increasingly
obsolete to think in term of 'East' and 'West', and which will eventually
make the V2_East initiative itself redundant.

The V2_East/Syndicate is a no-budget network initiative rather than an
institution. <> is the address of a mailing list which is
dedicated to an exchange of information and ideas relating to the situation
and future development of electronic and media art in Eastern Europe. A
Syndicate-mail archive for messages that are coming in over the list (since
April 97) can be found at:
The list members include more than 260 artists, curators, networkers,
writers, festival organisers, etc., from East as well as West European
countries and beyond, who, through the 'Syndicate', are trying to improve
the communication and cooperation between artists and organisations in East
and West. The list was first installed following the initial meeting of the
V2_East initiative at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam on January 21, 1996, at
the end of the second Next 5 Minutes conference. During the DEAF96 festival
in September, we held a V2_East Meeting in which around 30 people from 12
different countries participated. Other meetings were held in Liverpool
(LEAF97, April 1997), Kassel (Deep Europe workshop, August 1997), Linz
(Syndicate Net.Shop, September 1997), Dessau (Ostranenie 97, November
1997), Tirana (Pyramedia, May 1998).

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