Stephen Kovats on Tue, 28 Jul 1998 19:51:09 +0100

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Syndicate: Sarajevo

Dear Syndicalists, 

while awaiting further english info here is a brief note on upcoming events
in Sarajevo. It would be great to see some (if not all!!) of you there at
some point!


Stephen Kovats


"Beyond the Looking Glass" 

21. August until 20. September, 1998

After the successful first Sarajevo SCCA show last year "Meeting Point"
this secong event entitled "Beyond the Looking Glass" will consist of two
parts. One part will be videos which will be included in the Sarajevo Film
Festival as its video section. 

The second part will be interventions in town (video installations,
installations, performances...). This will begin on the 21st of August and
run until 20. September. The Film Festival lasts from 21.
August until 30. August. 

Apparently a catalogue of Meeting Point (1997) is available, and certainly
and excellent video compilation does!

For further info contact Dunja, Lejla, or Enes <>