Anonymous on Wed, 22 Jul 1998 20:31:11 +0100

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Syndicate: New Media Festival of Athens

 I would like to inform you that the 1st  International Festival of Film and New Media on Art of Athens is going to be  held the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of December 1998 in the greek capital, and to  invite you to submit any cd-rom productions of yours (designed or collaborated  upon) that deal with art.   The festival is the only one of its kind in  Greece and in the wider area of the Balkans and the northeastern Mediterranean  and aims to develop the public's understanding and appreciation of art as well  as to encourage this specific kind of multimedia production and  filmmaking. It will be in two languages (english and greek)  and it is open to all cd-roms that were produced within the last four years on  the following domains of art: painting, sculpture, architecture, design, crafts,  decorative arts, dance, perfomance art, music, film, cartoons, photography,  video art, multimedia art, interactive art, fashion, literature, poetry, art  history, as well as museology and res!
toration.   If you are interested in submitting your  productions for preselection to the competition section please let me know in  order to receive the entry form with all the necessary information. The  finalists can participate with only two entries and there is not a registration  fee.   Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from  you soon.     Sincerely,     Yiannis Skourogiannis Director of IFFNMAA     57 Archimidous GR-116 36 Athens tel:01-7520065 fax:01-9242407