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Syndicate: i c y August e v e n t, Plasy/CZ

Nadace Hermit / Spolecnost pratel umeni Plasy / Centrum pro Metamedia
Hermit Foundation / Society of Friends of Art-Plasy / Center for Metamedia
Klaster, PO Box 25, 331 01  Plasy, Czech Republic
tel./fax +420-182 2909

Society of Friends of Art-Plasy & Center for Metamedia
Artist Residency Program 1998

LEDNÕ SLAVNOST ~ a slightly icy event in the heat of the CMM Residency Program
Sunday, August 2nd ~ 1 - 7 p.m.
Plasy Monastery

>> 1 p.m. performance-installation <<
LED ART (yu) - "Reconstruction of a Crime"
~ a freezing and melting urban ritual engaged with the polemics of the
present ~
Nikola Dzafo, Dragan Zivancevic, Vesna Grgiincevic, Miroslav Peric with
Jeremy Schaller (usa)

<< 3 p.m. concert  >>
Pavel Richter (guitar), Michal Koran (sampler), Bharata Rajnosek (woodwinds)

>> 5 p.m. performance <<
~ multimedia site-specific exploration/performance ~
Mathieu Werchowski (violin), Anne-Julie Rollet (taped music), Xavier Querel
(film & light), Judith Thiebaut (dance), Corinne Pontier (dance &

<< presentations of works-in-progress by July resident artists >>
BARBARA BENISH (cz-usa) & CAROLANNE PATTERSON (usa) ~ installation
JANA BUDIKOVA (cz) ~ painted drawings
ANTON CIERNY (sk) ~ installation
MIROSLAV FEKAR (cz) ~ installation
ALLISON HUNTER (usa) ~ video
ALES KILLIAN (cz) ~ video
DAVID MILLER (can) ~ photography
JEREMY SCHALLER (usa) ~ video

>> getting to Plasy <<
train - praha-plasy ~ praha main station - 8:58 a.m. (through Plzen) plasy
- 11:40 a.m.
train - plasy-praha ~ plasy - 7:39 p.m. (through Plzen) praha main station
- 22:14 p.m.
car - 20 km north of Plzen along road 27

<< how to find the Center in Plasy >>
from the train station - 10 min. walk downhill along the main road ...
monastery looms on your left ... walk towards the granary clocktower and
follow the footpath into the prelature courtyard
by car - turn off road 27 on either road immediately before or after the
monastery complex ... park and follow the walkway to the clocktower and
into the prelature courtyard

>> more information <<
tel./fax +420.182 2909
email hermit@pvtnet.cz

Society of Friends of Art-Plasy is grateful for the generous support of its
programs by Pro Helvetia Ost-West
and thanks the Open Society Fund-Beograd & Open Society Fund-Praha for the
travel grant through the Cultural Link Program for the performance group