Dmitriy Golets on Mon, 13 Jul 1998 12:45:07 +0100

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Syndicate: contribution

Dear Sindicalists,
	I'm a resent Syndicate mailing list's subscriber from Kiev, Ukraine. My
name is Dmitriy Golets. I'm the art -practitioner who is interested in both
theoretical and practical aspects of new-media related art. In general, I'm
not an artist. Rather I try to act as a manager.
	 The appeal You can find below is mainly addressed to Central and East
European colleagues.

This year I was selected as participant of Gulliver's Connect program,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Gulliver's Connect is similar to the Gulliver
Practical Training Program in placing arts practitioners in host
organizations in other countries. The difference is that this program is
only for east European participants who wish to go to another east European
country in order to intensify relationships and develop cultural
collaboration possibilities.
	Now my problem is to find the capable organization for
approximately one
month time placement. The time from July to September is good for me.
	Gulliver's Connect funds the costs of travel, accommodation and a daily
allowance. Gulliver pays for the expenses for the visitor to go to the host

	 I don't sure you know or hear something about Ukrainian new -tech
art. Indeed, this field of artistic activity is very undeveloped in Ukraine.
In attempt to influence on this situation we (my friend -artist Ivan Tsupka
and me) created the first Ukrainian Web-site devoted contemporary art in
1996. There weren't any artworks  created especially for virtual space, so
our Web-gallery just represented the works, which were made in traditional
techniques. (Unfortunately, now our gallery is under construction. You can
see it updated in two week's time. URL address:
	Today the interest in new-media on the side of artists is slowly but
undeviatingly growing. And my goal is the making of small and flexible
non-profitable organization, which is able to coordinate efforts and
popularize information in this sphere.  I see this like the mediator between
different kinds of technical, finance and human resources to consolidate all
ones for concrete projects. Of course, I extremely need the various contacts
and experience in such aspects as:
 - cooperation with founds, state, public and commercial institutions;
 - arrangement of workshops, lectures and other educational events;
 - arrangement of artistic events;
 - theoretical studies;
 - any extra new-media related information and experience, including my own
computer skills.
	Now I have a very good chance to receive at least part of such
and skills. I apply to my East European colleagues and ask to help me. I'm
good team-worker and enough unpretentious for accommodation conditions. If
you're interested in cooperation with me, please, send me e-mail
<> or <> and I can give you more
information about my work and me.  You can also contact directly with

Gwen Crawford
Gulliver Clearing House
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  tel.+31 20 6262321
  fax +31 20 6249368

Thank you. Sincerely yours Dmitriy Golets