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Syndicate: a forum for silent videos

{I don't know about the dates, but I just got this in my mailbox,
something for Xchange ;)    sounds good!  ~d}

Basel, March 1998

Dear videoartists, producers and distributors

At 9th of March, the Internationales Videofenster Basel started his
program. The Videofenster promotes silent videos in public spaces. While
the program continues, further tapes can still be entered. This e-mail will
resume our activity and how to participate. We are glad, if you publish our
initiative and for receiving tapes of your region.

For the Internationales Videofenster Basel

Hercli Bundi


What the Internationales Videofenster is

The Internationales Videofenster Basel is a forum for the presentation of
silent videos in public spaces. In a first step, it is located from 9th of
March 1988 to end of February 1999 in a shop-window-front of the Basler
Kantonalbank. Every two weeks, a new tape will be presented towards the
sidewalk for 24 hours a day. The tapes will be showed 24 hours a day. At
the end of the presentation, a catalogue will document the event. Thus,
silent videos shall get a popular and long-term showcase outside of
galleries and festivals. The website www.videofenster.ch does also give all
necessary information and allows to print out an entry-form.

In a second step, the program will be presented in an extended way with
more tapes in other locations throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Videoartists, producers and distributors are invited to enter tapes now.
The selection is open for silent video-tapes of every nationality, every
length, every format and every date of achievement. Thus, silent videotapes
shall get a popular and long-term showcase. Entry-forms are available at:
Internationales Videofenster Basel, Kandererstrasse 36, CH-4057 Basel,
Switzerland. E-mail: videofenster@bluewin.ch. Entry-forms can also be
printed out directly from the homepage: www.videofenster.ch

First Location

For the Internationales Videofenster Basel, the Basler Kantonalbank makes
available a shop-window front in the most multicultural quarter of Basel,
situated at Klybeckstrasse 70. The sidewalk in front of the shop-window is
protected by a roof. From early in the morning until late at night, the
place is crowded. Due to a tramway-stop just nearby, there are always
people waiting there too. The window consists of two parts. Each one is 78
x 78 inches large (2 x 2 meters). The shop-window is designed in a way to
leave open only an aperture of 20 x 27 inches (50 x 70 cm). Inside of this
aperture is placed a monitor, showing the program. Each video is presented
in repeat-modus for two weeks 24 hours a days.


The selection is open for silent video-tapes of every nationality, every
length, every format and every date of achievement. There are no thematic
or formal restrictions. All VHS-tapes are accepted for sighting
(NTSC/PAL/SECAM). To announce a tape, the entry form must be filled and
sent it back with a VHS-sighting-cassette. Selected authors will receive an
indemnity of 400.- Swiss franks (about 270.- US Dollars). Sighting-tapes
can be sent from now on until 15th of August 1998. They will be sighted in
order of arrival at the next sighting session in May or September 1998. The
selection of the tapes is under the responsibility of Muda Mathis,
videoartist in Basel; Luciano Fasciati, gallerist in Chur and Hercli Bundi,
film- and videoartist in Basel.

The first program

At the location in Basel will be shown 25 tapes during a year. The first 8
tapes for this location have been selected at the end of January 1998. The
next selection will be in may, the last selection for Basel in september

Porgram from 9th of March 1998 until 28th of June 1998

09.03. - 22.03. John Wood / Paul Harrison, England
                        ²Device² 1996, 5 Minuten
                        ²Harri Houdini² 1995, 1 Minute
                        ²Lifesize Boxes² 1995, 5 Minuten

23.03. - 05.04. Chantal Michel, Switzerland
                        ²Sorry Guys², 1997, 37 Minuten

06.04. - 19.04          Quirijn Kuchlein, Netherlands
                        ²Not Love² 1996, 4 Minuten
                        ²Sight², 1996, 4 Minuten

20.04. - 03.05. Eric Lanz, Switzerland / Germany
                        ²Les torses: Lui, noir² 1996, 7 Minuten

04.05. - 17.05. Sandra Kogut, France
                        ²Parabolic People² (Modul 3) 1991, 3 Minuten

18.05. - 01.06          Graziella Tommasi, Netherlands
                        ²The forefront window² 1997, 15 Minuten

02.06. - 14.06. Seppo Renvall, Finnland
                        ²Disk of the Day² 1994, 3 Minuten

15.06. - 28.06. Bulat Galeyev, Russia
                        ²Space Sonata² 1981, 9 Minuten

The future of the Internationales Videofenster

Because among the entered videos where more of interesting tapes than we
will show in Basel, we asked some authors to add their tapes to the basic
program, in order to extend it. We are checking up now, in wich other
locations the basic or the extended program can be presented. In contrast
to Basel, where the tapes are shown over a year, it¹s possible to show them
in much shorter time, combining them into a sampler.

If you are interested to realize a Videofenster in your region, please let
us know. For any questions contact us.

For the Internationales Videofenster Basel
Hercli Bundi