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Syndicate: (Xchange) kulturserver project

Kulturserver is a noncommercial online community for artists,
institutions and people interested in culture.

Artists and institutions are presenting their work  with their own
homepages. Those pages can be built with the help of a newly developed
online-editor software. No prior experience is necessary.
A calendar provides information about what's going on in the region

listed in the calender are inserted by the artists and institutions

Kulturserver TV
In a self-produced interactive show, Kulturserver TV is  introducing art
from all fields. It is broadcasted regularly  via the Internet.

about culture and related topics are held in the chat rooms.

To create a steadily growing information pool, Kulturserver builds a
network of independent writers and publishes cultural reportages and
critics in an online magazine.
Kulturserver provides information on festivals, grants and sponsorship
within the respective art fields.

The community
Kulturserver is a selfgenerating community. Artists are responsible for
its shape and content.
In letting them create their own self-presentations (homepages) by
themselves they become citizens of their net culture village.

offers them a theme-orientated navigationsystem where they can place their
presentation and exchange information and experience with  people sharing
same interests.
Many artists still don't have great experience in building their own
Internet presentations. Designing and hosting Homepages are usualy
related to contracts, money or experience.
Publishing and reading  in Kulturserver is without any charge, thereby
offering anybody the possibility to use the internet as contemporary
information and communication system.
Instead of beeing a world wide system like the internet itself, the
community here is based in a certain region, so artists and culturaly
interseted people can actualy go to see events, meet and work with the
people beyond the Internet.

Kulturserver has been developed by the Ponton European Media Art Lab
( and is initialy financed by the Ministry of Science and
Culture and Lower Saxony. It is based in Lower Saxony and is online
since February 1998.

Klaas Glenewinkel
Ponton European Media Art Lab
Lister Str. 17
30163 Hannover, Germany

tel   +49-511-627032
fax   +49-511-621799

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