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Syndicate: Symposium in Stuttgart Oct 1998

Dear All,

here is some information which I brought back from the Who by Fire meeting
in Dunaujvaros in December 1997. I still don't quite understand the aim or
the goal of this symposium (see below), but I thought that some of you
might be interested.

First I thought that it might be interesting to participate as the
'V2_East/Syndicate Network', but then I thought "why??". It is really not
very substantial. The whole thing sounds more like a rather expensive way
for updating their snail mailing list actually. Some ideas?

Greetings, Inke

---Start letter from Kuenstlerhaus Stuttgart--------------------

Stuttgart, 1 December 1997

Art Presentation in Eastern Europe:

The Kuenstlerhaus Stuttgart is planning a symposium on "The Presentation of
Art in Eastern Europe" in October 1998.

At the moment we are contacting various institutions whose aim is to
present to the public contemporary art (visual arts, films or other
interdisciplinary forms). In our research we are concentrating on
institutions which were founded after 1989 under changed political and
social conditions, and which are active in the art field with a new self
The symposium will discuss the presentations of the various organisations
and their work structures, financing (State or private) and their aims.

Would you please send us information about your institution. Under which
aspects do you compile your program, how is the program mediated, which
aims has the institution, in what way is it organized, financed, do you
work a lot with the internet, etc.

It would be also very helpful if you could send us contact addresses of
other independently active artist networks.

Thanks for your cooperation. It would be a pleasure to us if we could
welcome you to our symposium.

Kind regards

Nicolaus Schafhausen, program director
Tatjana Guenthner, assistant

---------------------end of the

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