kathy rae huffman on Mon, 12 Jan 1998 20:14:33 +0100

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Re: Syndicate: Addendum to report on Cluj

Dear Stephen (and Syndicate readers), 

This project by Cluj artists Csilla KÅ¡ncsei and Tibor Schneidersounds
really great, however they didn't participate in the program I
attended...that's why I didn't mention them.  If they attended it, I'm
really sorry to not meet them. Maybe someone from Cluj or Bucharest can
tell us.  There were many non-SOROS sponsored projects and initiatives
shown and discussed.  It was not an insiders social program promoted as a

I hope that my enthusiasm for the area, and the tremendous resources and
talent there, is clear.  It was my first visit, although I have visited
many other regions of the >former east< this term covers a very big
territory, and each area is specific with different history, politics and
energy for the future.  Our opportunities to travel are very competitive,
especially for one's time and energy.  It also takes many visits to meet a
wide spectrum of talented artists, and to find out about interesting
projects.  Not every local resident is bold enough to engage strangers --at
a symposium-- during their first (and very short at that) visit.  

This is a really good function of the Syndicate list, to share these
experiences and hopefully connect the next visitors.  I won't miss meeting
Csilla and Tibor next time I travel that way.  And it seems that a lot has
changed in the past year, indeed. Dynamic Network Technologies is very
Romanian and I had some pretty good food!  (OK, it was a bit
expensive....but real good). 

Cheers from Vienna, 

PS...It is never possible to include information about ALL the participants
in a conference.  Sometimes, it just comes down to how well one can read
their own notes!