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The Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts and the Imago
Multimedia Centre Arts Program invite applications from international,
national and local artists.

An exhibition of the selected works will be held at the Art Gallery of
Western Australia during April-May 1998.
The prizes are: $5,000.00 (AUD) and an Apple Computer.
Twelve interactive works will be exhibited with an acquisition fee of $240.00

PRIZES: $5000 (AUD) and or an Apple Macintosh. The 12 selected
entries receive an exhibition fee of $250.00.

There will be no theme as such other than works that emphasise innovation
and conceptual skill.

All selected works archived at ECU library and Imago Multimedia Center
after the exhibition. Artists rights remain. ie if after 12 months the show
goes up again or travels the artists will be paid a further $250.00 for
each exhibition location.

Works for the web need not use a commercially available browser. It should
be noted
that the web works may have to be offline on an internal hard disk. If
this presents a problem then please fill out the entry form and state
your special technical requirements in the labelled text box.

Works can be submitted on floppy disk, cd-rom or FTP.  Please request FTP
address via email to:  <>

It is expected the works will be for web or desktop use.

Works must be fully interactive.

Apple PPC's (9700's or G3) will be used for the exhibition.

Should your work be selected you will be notified by airmail after March 16

derek kreckler
western australian academy of performing arts
phone: 61-08-9370-6111, facsimile: 61-08-9370-6555