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Syndicate: V2_East Newsletter 97/12

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/12

- Introduction
- Dates of upcoming events
- Updates (SUNICA, Artpool installation questionnaire, CAiiA Internet art
index, ...)

- General info about the Syndicate list
- Subscription

* Introduction *

Dear friends,

I must admit that I consciously waited with the preparation of the December
97 newsletter because I thought that many people would be coming back to an
overflowing mailbox from the holidays, piles which by now will hopefully
have melted away.

The list of upcoming events is already really dense again, and I am sure
that there are more plans which are being cooked up in these first weeks of
the year. There are a number of deadlines coming up, among which the one
for ISEA98, in a week from today. We have not made a concerted
'Syndicate-bid' until now, although we could still do that if somebody has
a good and fast idea for this. On the other hand, it may well be that
Syndicalists will in one way or the other be involved in ISEA-related
projects like 'Virtual Revolutions' and 'Revolting' (more news on these to
should follow very soon.

We are also waiting for the final go-ahead for the PiraMedia event in
Tirana (21-24 May), but for those of us who are curious and interested to
go come-what-may, they should put the dates down in their agendas and get
out those time-tables for our 'picnic with Edi'.

Once more, we can welcome a few new subscribers to the lists and members of
the Syndicate network. First of all, the Syndicate is a network of people
who share an interest in media culture and media art, and who are seeking
cooperation and exchange in this field, mainly within Europe. This list is
a tool through which we exchange information about upcoming events, plan or
announce new projects, and stay in touch in-between meetings. Please,
continue to use the list for posting information about what you are up to,
and for getting in touch with people in other parts of Deep Europe.

I hope to see you soon,

best wishes,


* Dates of (some) upcoming events and exhibitions *
(check the archive at for postings about these

- 28 January - 7 February 1998: International Film Festival Rotterdam/NL
- 12 - 22 February 1998: Transmediale / 11th Videofest, Berlin/D
- 13 February 1998 -: Mail Art - Eastern Europe in the International
Network, Budapest/HU
- 17 - 31 March 1998: Installation Festival 1998, Budapest/HU
- 18 April - 3 May 1998: Avatar, Amsterdam/NL
- 6 - 10 May 1998: EMAF - European Media Art Festival 1998, Osnabrueck/D
- 13 - 17 May 1998: 9th Impakt Festival, Utrecht/NL
- 21 - 24 May 1998: PiraMedia, Tirana/AL
- 18 - 20 June 1998: SONAR 98, Barcelona/ES
- 26 - 28 June 1998: 3rd International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival, Budapest/HU
- September 1998: Videonale 8 , Bonn/D
- 2 - 7 September 1998: ISEA98, Liverpool&Manchester/UK
- 3 - 6 September 1998: Subfiction - 3. Werkleitz Biennale, Werkleitz/D
- 7 - 12 September 1998: ars electronica, Linz/AT
-  2 - 10 October 1998: L'IMMAGINE LEGGERA, Palermo/IT
- 17 - 22 November 1998: DEAF98, Rotterdam/NL

>From 13 February 1998, Mžcsarnok, Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest

Touring exhibition of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin (Germany)
completed with original works and documents of the Hungarian Mail Art
activity from the collection of Artpool.
For this occasion Artpool completes and publishes the chronology of the
Hungarian Mail Art Movement (1968-1997), as well as the Mail Art On Line
 web site, from where information about Mail Art on the internet can be

* International Installation Festival 1998

Artpool P60 Art Space
Budapest, VI. Paulay Ede u. 60.
Opening exhibition: 17-31 March, 1998

Part of the opening exhibition is the reconstruction of the Budapest
installation of "Poâ?¢poâ?¢drome Ë? Espace-temps RŽel No. 1 / Real Space-Time
Poipoidrom No. 1" by Robert Filliou and Joachim Pfeufer from 1976.

"The Poipoidrom is a functional relationship that links thinking, acting,
and communication. A minimal Poipoidrom can be a chair, a workbench or an
open mind." (J. Pfeufer, 1972)

In other parts of the exhibition documents of installations will be
installed. They may be - from the perspective of art history:
Merz-construction, fictional and virtual architecture, quasi-construction,
collage, assemblage, environment, landscape correction, land art, etc.;
from the perspective of genre: poetic, music, sound, light, fragrance,
performance and video, etc. installations; from the perspective of view:
improvisational, conceptual, intermedial and multimedial, etc.;.from a
social perspective: cultural, social, political, commercial, religious,
scientific, technological, etc. installations.

Feasible new projects will be realized in accordance with the given spacial
conditions by the "installators" of P60 throughout 1998.
Documents about installation that are preserved in Artpool Archive will be
presented for the first time together with the new stuff.
Videos of the  events and theoretical lectures will be available for
viewing retrospectively throughout the year.
The evaluation of the project can be followed via the Internet:

* AVATAR - Of postmodern times and multiple identities
Amsterdam, Oude Kerk and other locations, 18/4-3/5/98

	Intensive users of the Internet are familiar with the concept of
the Avatar. An "Avatar" is an "Alter Ego," a disguise that an Internet user
puts on in "Cyberspace" when communicating on "websites," "chatboxes" or
"MUDS" (Multi-User Dungeons or Domains). Because of the deceptive play of
"Avatars," no one actually knows with whom he or she is really in contact.

	AVATAR intends to bring together projects from artists who are
investigating the phenomenon of "multiple personality." In addition to
photography, video and installations, projects which make use of new media
will be at the heart of the project.

PROPOSALS - The deadline for submitting proposals is January 15, 1998.

SHORTLISTED ARTISTS (subject to change)
Jeanine Antoni (USA), Bea de Visser (NL), Jake & Dinos Chapman GB), Lynn
Hershman (USA), Cindy Sherman (USA), Hamish Buchanan (CDN), Tony Oursler
(USA), Gillian Wearing (GB), Ken Feingold (USA), Vibeke Tandberg (Norway),
Cathie Opie (USA), Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson (S), Lawrence Weiner (USA) and

organized by: Axis, De Balie, Maatschappij voor Oude en Nieuwe Media and

Axis,   Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 72,  1012 GE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 4655530, F 4654290, E

Osnabrueck/D, 6-10th May 1998

You are warmly invited to send contributions to the eleventh
European Media Art Festival. An international forum for
contemporary media art, this festival will gather together
artists, theoreticians, journalists and a young engaged
public in Osnabrueck from 6 to 10 May 1998.

Experimental and innovative works can be submitted on film,
video, CD-Rom and the Internet, as well as in the form of
installations or performance pieces.

The deadline for submissions is 2 March 1998.!!!!!!!!

We welcome contributions such as discussion topics and
essays on themes relating to specific media. Selected
contributions will be published in the festival catalogue
and on our web-site. At the festival a jury of film critics
will present the German Film Critics award for the best
German experimental film or video production of the year.

SPECIALS: a comprehensive programme from Sweden.

The subject of this year's presentation will be the films
and installations of West Coast filmmaker Pat O`Neill, whose
films are created on an optical printer, combining the
functions of camera and projector. O`Neill has developed and
perfected this tool for the manipulation of images since the
early 1970s. The results, which can often surprise, are a
combination of technically brilliant images and a new kind
of film language.

The International Student Forum is an integral component of
EMAF, giving students from the various European film and
media colleges the chance to present their current
productions. An important focus is the exhibition of video
and computer installations. Students working in all fields
are invited to send in their current productions to the

The Virtual Festival Forum is a new EMAF project in which
new ways of exhibiting film, video and the digital media are
explored, and experiments are developed using the various
In co-operation with the Berlage Institut Amsterdam and the
Festival film+arc Graz, EMAF has organised Dialogue Spaces,
a project in which the new forms of communication provided
by the Internet are brought together with modern
architectural conceptualisations of real and virtual spaces.

Projects, strategies, and constructions are the focus of the
symposium Net-Culture, which will throw light on current
artistic and philosophical developments in the media.

EXHIBITION 6th - 24th May, 1998

For further information visit our website or contact:
( Application forms are available on our web site.)

European Media Art Festival
PO Box 1861
D-49008 Osnabrueck
Tel: 49/(0)541/ 21658
Fax: 49/(0)541/ 28327

Festivalboard: Alfred Rotert
               Hermann Noering
               Ralf Sausmikat

* Impakt Festival for audiovisual arts, Utrecht.

The 9th Impakt Festival will be organized from May 13 to 17, 1998 in
Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Impakt is an international festival for audiovisual arts. The festival is a
showcase for innovative film, video art, music, installations, new media
and performances. Lectures and exhibitions complete the programme.

Impakt Festival
P.O. Box 735
3500 AS Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: + 31 30  2944 493
Fax: + 31 30  2944 163

* SONAR 98
18-20 June 1998, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona/ES

This is Sonar, International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art
in Barcelona. Now prepearing its 5th edition. SONAR 98 will happen on 18,
19. 20 of June in The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and
different locations around the city. You can find out more about Sonar and
it's previous editions on our website

We are currently on the lookout for film and video material from labels and
artists, such as yourselves, to include in our cinema programme for 98.
The pieces will be shown in a plush seated cinema with a quality
soundsystem. In the past this section of the festival has been a huge
success with standing room only.
Every year the Cinema programme has its own section in the SONAR catalogue
and is represented in all the formats of the SONAR promotion campaign.

So if you feel that you have anything interesting please contact me on our
e-mail number. Thanks in advance
Andy Cumming

                SONAR.Advanced Music Meeting.
                P.O.Box 38.024-08080-Barcelona-Spain
                Fax. ++ 34.3.441 53 38

* 3rd Budapest International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival
Budapest, Hungary
Festival dates are 26 - 28 June 1998

Application Guidelines
[for full guidelines and application form, write to address below]

1.  The Budapest International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival accepts films and
videotapes by, about and of interest to communities of lesbians, gay men,
and sexual minorites.

4.  Works should be submitted to the screenings committee, on VHS (PAL,
Secam, or NTSC), no later than March 1,1998.  Please include
descriptive information, including credits and reviews (if available.)

10.  Feature films or short works in languages other than Hungarian, must
be accompanied by an Hungarian or English dialogue list, unless dialogue
or commentary is unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation.

11.  The Budapest International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival is a
non-competitive festival and awardsno prizes.  It has a beneficial
character and supports the Budapest Lesbian and Gay Community
organization, Hatter.  Therefore the Festival pays no rental fees; instead
we invest our resources in producing the best possible showcase for your
work, and promoting your work as widely as possible.

13.  Once a film or video is selected, it may not be withdrawn.

15.  Curators also welcome to submit proposals for specific programs.

Send press materials, and VHS preview tape to:

Budapest Lesbian/Gay Film Festival
c/o Hatter
Pf. 50
H-1554 Budapest
Phone:  36 1/ 320 43 76

Please send an e-mail or seperate postcard notification of your submission
so that any complications of postal delivery may be tracked.

* 3. Werkleitz Biennale Subfiction
3 - 6 September 1998

3rd Palermo International Videoart + Film + Media Festival
 2 - 10 October 1998

submission deadline: 31 July

The Festival Team
(alessandro rais, marcello alajmo, ignazio plaia, maurizio spadaro)

Casella Postale 136 (P. O. Box)
I-90133 PALERMO - Italy
tel. +39-91-6961740
fax  +39-91-6111682

More infos after January on our festival's web page:

* Updates *


Sholto Ramsay <> writes:

New Media Centre Opens at ICA

The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London has opened a new media centre
in partnership with Sun Microsystems. The Centre is a multi-platform
enviroment with a range of ambitions: help artists to develop different
forms of work using digital media, redefine the relationship between
artist and audience, rethink the role and nature of the art institution of
the future in the context of digital spaces, provide access to the ICA
archive of performance and discussion,  and provide artists access to the
latest computer software and hardware, specifically industrial-strength
applications from the medicine, commerce and the military.

The centre is both a set of discreet spaces within the ICA as well as a
fast switched network that connects all the ICA's spaces to each other.
Any space can be used and connected to the rest of the network or to the
internet via T3 link. The centre is equipped with Sun, Apple and Windows
NT machines and a variety of software. There are four servers, including a
media server, webserver, java server and main network server, 12
workstations and a number of other boxes including MPEG encoder, etc.

There are computers permanently installed within the cafe area of the ICA
to allow access to the ICA archive of audio and video as well to be used
as exhibiting spacesfor artists.

There is a website with further details of the centre:

* Philip Smith ( writes:


Can you bring the insights of science and art closer together with an
idea that captures the public's imagination? The Wellcome Trust is
providing funds ranging from GBP 5,000 to 25,000 to scientists and
artists working in partnership. Approximately 6 projects will be funded
with the emphasis on art and bio-medical sciences.

For details on how to apply
tel.  0171 611 8586

Closing Date February 16th 1998.

* Artpool write:

Installation Project 98 - International Invitation

Artpool invites all installators, artists, networkers, documenters to take
part in this project, to inform others so as to be informed.

You can send: documents of installations, books, catalogs, portfolios,
photos, slides, posters, audio or video tapes, interactive CD-ROMs,
conceptual works, plans, etc. All materials will become part of the
Artpool Archive for public research.
All works and information will be displayed. Participants will get a
publication that documents the project and will be prepared at the end of
the year.

The first deadline is February 1998. Materials arriving until September the
same year will also be made public as part of the project.

Please help our research by answering the following questions:
(1) How long have you been making installations?
(2) Why did you choose to make installations and  not anything else?
(3) What do you think of your own works?
(4) What do you think the difference is between your own work and other
(5) What do you think of the relationship of traditional artwork and
(6) What is the size and material of an installation determined by?
(7) Could you mention the installation you consider to be the largest and
the smallest one?
(8) Is there any object or idea that cannot be installed?
(9) How does environment affect the installation of the work?
(10) Do you know any fact that restricts the possibilities of installation?
(11) Do you like making installation for order or at request?
(12) What do you think of preserving an installation?
(13) Can the value of an installation be estimated and how?
(14) How does copyright apply to installations preserved only in documents?
(15) Do you agree with publishing your answers-in full or in part-in the
catalog of the project or in the press?        (Yes-No)
(16) Your questions, if there is any, and your answers to them.
Please, number your answers according to the order of the questions. Try to
answer as briefly and clearly as you can, omit the questions you consider

Thanks for your attention,

GyÅ¡rgy Galâ?¡ntai (concept and design), Lâ?¡szlâ?? Beke (expert), Anna Bâ?¡lint
(documentation), JÅ?lia Klaniczay (management), Fatime Plâ??tâ?¡r (assistant),
Agnes Ivacs (translation), Lâ?¡szlâ?? TÅ¡lgyes (Web technology)

Postal address: Artpool, H-1277 Budapest 23., Pf. 52.
Tel.: +36-l-268 01 14 * Fax: +36-1-321 08 33

* Kepa Landa <> writes:


We are working on a definitive database of artistic interventions which use
the internet as a media.
We are interested in artworks initiated or completed up until December 1997.
This project will culminate in the publishing of a book and a CD-ROM.

For the entry form and further information, please contact:
Kepa Landa <>


"Universes in Universe" -->
This virtual universe--organized by Pat Binder
and Gerhard Haupt, in collaboration with Kulturbox
Berlin--is an excellent directory covering the arts
of Africa, Asia/Pacific, Australia and Central/South
America and striving to further intercultural discourse.
The site can be searched by continent, country or
region and provides information on each country's
art history, museums, and galleries; artists, curators,
and critics; as well as projects and events. The
information at the site is available in English,
German and Spanish. A universe worth visiting.

* Laura Baigorri announces the english version of her directory:


"ARTE EN RED" is an independent site wich contains an address selection
related to contemporary art in general and electronic art in particular.
I monthly up-date it.

This site includes 12 sections: Artists (creation in the web, web pages)
Art Centers (Institutions, Independents associations), Texts and Debates
(conferences, congres and symposiums), Museums and Galleries, Magazines,
Dissemination (festivals, biennals and exhibitions), Art Sites,
Education and Research, Music, About the Web, Directories and Search
Engines, and... Guerrilla.

I accept all kind of ideas and suggestions.....

Laura Baigorri
Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual
C/ Ramblas, 31
08002 Barcelona (Spain)

* General Info *

V2_East is an initiative of V2_Organisation Rotterdam, which is aimed at
creating a network of people and institutions who are involved with or
interested in media art in Eastern Europe and which wants to create an
infrastructure that facilitates cooperations between partners in East and
West. With its 'Syndicate' mailing list, website <>
and regular meetings, V2_East is becoming an important tool for fostering
ties within the media art community in Europe which makes it increasingly
obsolete to think in term of 'East' and 'West', and which will eventually
make the V2_East initiative itself redundant.

The V2_East/Syndicate is a no-budget network initiative rather than an
institution. <> is the address of a mailing list which is
dedicated to an exchange of information and ideas relating to the situation
and future development of electronic and media art in Eastern Europe. A
Syndicate-mail archive for messages that are coming in over the list (since
April 97) can be found at:
The list members include more than 190 artists, curators, networkers,
writers, festival organisers, etc., from East as well as West European
countries and beyond, who, through the 'Syndicate', are trying to improve
the communication and cooperation between artists and organisations in East
and West. The list was first installed following the initial meeting of the
V2_East initiative at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam on January 21, 1996, at
the end of the second Next 5 Minutes conference. During the DEAF96 festival
in September, we held a V2_East Meeting in which around 30 people from 12
different countries participated. Other meetings were held in Liverpool
(LEAF97, April 1997), Kassel (Deep Europe workshop, August 1997), Linz
(Syndicate Net.Shop, September 1997), and Dessau (Ostranenie 97, November

* Subscription *

To subscribe to the syndicate list, please, send a message to
<> with the following text in the body of the
message: 'subscribe [email-address]'
For more information about the Syndicate, please, contact <>
(Andreas Broeckmann).

*Please, send information that you feel should appear in the next edition
of this newsletter (deadline: 30 January 98) to: