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Syndicate: Vireality - Stipendia in Frankfurt/Main (D)

Nanna Ruester ( on Friday, July 18, 1997 at 13:52:16:


INM - Institut fuer Neue Medien
is granting
Stipendia for Media Art/Media Theory
starting 1.11.1997

The INM-Institute for New Media is granting half-year "Vireality"
stipendia.  Interested parties can apply with complete project proposals

until 15.9.1997. Requirements are a college degree and experience in
dealing with new media. The stipendia recipients will receive DM 1.250-
a month as well as the use of the technical facilities at the Institute
that their work requires (video, audio, computer and web studios).
Final projects will be published and/or exhibited by the Institute.
Theoretical work can also be done externally. The projects are tied into

the research program of the INM-Institute for New Media(see below).
Further information available at:

 INM-Institute for New Media - Gabriele Gramelsberger
 Daimlerstra§e 32 - D-60314 Frankfurt/Main
 Tel: ++49 69 941 963-10 - Fax: ++49 69 941963-22 -

"Vireality" - The Intertwining of Reality and Virtual Worlds

Is it still so easy to make such a clear distinction between reality and

virtual worlds? Or don't different states of our perceptions intertwine
with one another? What is real, what is virtual? The borders between the

two worlds are becoming increasingly blurred in our information society.

"Vireality" - a new term as well as a new concept - shall make the
defining of an experience category possible, that up until now only
could be experienced, not articulated. The tasks that present themselves

are concentrated in the research of "vireal" objects, states and
experiences - in the artistic, theoretical und scientific sense.
Philosophically expressed it is the research of the "somethingness" of
vireal objects, states and experiences. What will be researched is if
and how self-intertwined states portray real and virtual beings.
Therefore not a dualistic approach, rather the intertwining of reality
and virtual worlds will be accepted as axiomatic. Vireal examples are
easy to find: the idea of "things that think" in the application field,
of vireal information management,  of computer simulations with
vireality, of cyberspace as a vireal-experience space, or even of the
human as a vireal being, i.e. as Avatar.

Vireality: Art, Theory, Science - INM Research Program 1997-1998

¡ Stipendia: "Media Art" and "Media Theory:" Half-year stipendia,
starting November 1997, on the subject of "Vireal Objects."
¡ Open Internet project on the subject of INM-Server for New Media,
¡ Being planned: Guest lecture "Virtuality, Fiction and Vireality"
during the winter semester of 1997/98 at the Institute for New
Media - Art, Architecture and Philosophy
  Exhibit '98

The stipendia are made possible by the Siemens Kultur Programm