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VIPER 1997

VIPER - International Film- Video- and MultimediaFestival
Lucerne (Switzerland)

festival dates: October 21 - 26, 1997


international programme (competition: two prizes (1 Film, 1 Video), SFr
5000 each, Deadline for entries: July 1, 1997)
Swiss Video On Display (competition: one prize, SFr 5000, deadline for
entries: August 7, 1997)
multimedia programme (symposium: lectures, presentation of projects,
internetcafe, installations, film- and videoprogramme focussing main
Special programme with film, video, performances

Statistics (review 96): 9 locations, 10.000 spectators, 71 programmes with
266 productions, 450 accredited guests

Press responses (Quotations):

"Of all visual events in Switzerland, VIPER is traditionally the most open
to experimentation. It came as no surprise, then, when the festival,
already in active supporter fo film- and video-making, expanded into the
area of multimedia a year ago. And now, VIPER presents an especially
stimulating theme at the centre of its programme, getting right to the
heart of the issue: the human body in the post-human age." (Tagesanzeiger)
"Ordinary festivals screen new films. Lucerne's VIPER goes further: VIPER
does not only present novelties from the areas of video art and
experimental film. THe festival also questions how new media, such as the
Internet, video, and virtual reality, transform our lives" (Blick)
"What started 17 years ago as a function for far-gone film freaks has shown
itself once again to be an event of international note right on the pulse
of the times" (Filmecho/filmwoche)
"Conny Voester, festival director for the second year in a row, promised
"discovery and pleasure", and the undogmatic, diverse programme delivered
the results. (epd-Film)

office address: P.O. Box 4929, CH-6002 Lucerne
office tel: ++41 - 1 - 450 62 62
office fax: ++41 - 1 - 450 62 61
e-mail address:
festival director: Conny E. Voester