G.H. Hovagimyan on Thu, 2 Jan 1997 19:01:42 +0100

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Invitation to Exhibit

Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 10:58:39 -0500
From: "G.H. Hovagimyan" <gh@thing.net>

Hi Everyone,
This is an open invitation for you to participate in an exhibition being
organized by artnetweb at the ListCenter for the Visual Arts, MIT,
Cambridge MA

The section I am doing is called Art Dirt- Im-port. You can participate
on any level from simple chat to full scale performance. If you choose
to do something let me know and I will credit you for participation as
well as announce the work during the RealAudio program. This is a real
good opportunity to introduce your work to a sympathetic audience of
like minded individuals. For more information check out the port home
page at;

You may also e-mail me with questions.  gh@thing.net


I propose a 2 hr RealAudio and Cu See Me session for the MIT show. The
idea is to have the artists who are interfacing with PORT-MIT on the
program to talk about their work, ideas etc. If the artists are in New
York City they can come to the Pseudo Studios. If they are out of town
they can telephone in to the Pseudo studio, 212-965-1390. If they have
Cu See Me capability. They can interface by remote with a video camera
for visual and a telephone for audio. The time slot is every Tuesday
from 1pm to 3pm EST from January 28 to March 25th.

I also intend to invite artists and groups to engage the Art Dirt
interface remotely to engage in performance or simple teleconferencing.
This will allow artists who cannot commit to an 8 week slot to engage
PORT-MIT for a short segment. In this case the remote artist has several
choices at their disposal:

1) Cu See Me Video - this can be live streaming of video, Live streaming
of still image via video or videotape sent via Cu See Me video Stream.
We are hoping to use broad bandwidth full color Cu See Me at the MIT
Reflector. Any remote interface with a T-1 line or larger can try color
video windows.

2) Chat- There will be a dedicated Chat room on the Pseudo server call
*Art Dirt Confidential* or simply *art* This can be accessed by web
browser by going to GH?s Home page-
 click on *What I Do* and scroll down to the bottom of the page. A
window will open and load a Java Applet Chat window. This can also be
accessed through Art Dirt?s program page on Pseudo
 click on chat then click on the room titled *art*. This is a good way
to interface Art Dirt PORT-MIT because one can listen to the Real Audio
stream while using the chat window. There is also chat capability within
a Cu See Me Session so there are 3 ways to interface chat at each time.

RealAudio- If an artist wishes to stream audio they may send me a DAT
tape cued to segments to be played and I will have the studio engineer
put the tape on during the Art Dirt special.The software used is
RealAudio 3.0. The player is free from the RealAudio site.

The overall concept is a *web-jam* that is fairly loose. People may
interface freely on Cu See Me and Chat windows. Chat, Cu See Me,and
telephone access will be available at the MIT Gallery during the program
for the casual viewer to interface with Art Dirt.