Iliyana NEDKOVA on Tue, 12 Nov 96 17:16 GMT+0100

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Crossing Over I and more

Hello everybody, our message is written from sunny, warm Sofia.
Our workshop started yesterday with twenty participants with wildly 
varying experience. Five of our participants came from Slovenia, 
Croatia, Russia and Kazakhstan and all the others are Bulgarians. 
After the press conference our workshop day started with the participants
introducing themselves and  continued with Marina's Grzinic presentation of 
Slovenian Video Art. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask Marina 
for her observations: 
So here are mine observations
1. This presentation Video from  Slovenia consisted of 2 video art documentaries 
done by Grzinic and 
Smid and selected works by video artists from Sloevenia: Jasna 
Hribernik, Ema Kugler and Mirko Simic. The program was long and 
intensive as I planned to be so,  this was a good oportunity to really 
experienced the Slovenian video productions in intensive way. Today 
I will discuss  the program the history, esthetics strategies theory 
of the video medium that was developed and present internationally. 
Today also a retrospective video program  by Smid and Grzinic will be 
shown and discussed. This invitation by the SCCA Sofia  by Nedkova is 
important because this is the first time that an extensive program 
will be shown and discussed in Bulgaria in an international intra 
Bulgarian / Russian/ etc. context. So here we are,  about the results 
later. The begginings are promising (Grzinic).   

Just a word by me, Iliyana. I am happy that we are working so 
intensively towards the success of the festival. The press-conference 
spread the news about the Festival even further and now that both the 
workshop and the screenings are rolling we could keep you busy with 
more good news,

Iliyana and Crossing Over I team

Information and Documentation Officer
Soros Center for the Arts
16 A, P.Evtimii Blvd. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
tel/fax: 00359 2 980 28 61; 89 89 94

P.S Pls. make sure that in times of troubled 
connection you switch to<iliana@[]>