Iliyana NEDKOVA on Sat, 9 Nov 96 18:42 GMT+0100

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crossing over

Dear Friends,

Hello and greetings from sunny, warm Sofia - this is co-captain Nina 
speaking and together with Iliyana we will keep you informed of 
developments, discussions, events and adventures here. We will ask 
guests and participants to participate in this e-card communication 
and would like to encourage you all to send your inquiries and 

To begin with I can only report very serious discussions 
over two good cappuccinos in the park with Illie. Locals taking 
advantage of the good weather here  were strolling on the 
streets and  the terrace-cafes were full. In a few minutes we  are on our 
way to the airport to greet Marina, Tapio and Susana - so the next 
communique will be on much more serious media art level -
till then nina and
Here we go - Illie's taking control. 
Well, It is pretty difficult to keep up to Nina's over-enthusiastic manner 
of reporting for I am  still dazed from the hard over-working lately. 
Anyway we will all try to cross over and enjoy it tremendously. See 
you in crossing over next communique.

Hi, here is one of the first participants to see Nina live! 
Unfortunately I can not join the get together party in Roderic club 
tonight because of having another party yesterday all night . I will 
cach up tomorrow.

Bye everyone 
Information and Documentation Officer
Soros Center for the Arts
16 A, P.Evtimii Blvd. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
tel/fax: 00359 2 980 28 61; 89 89 94

P.S Pls. make sure that in times of troubled 
connection you switch to<iliana@[]>