Iliyana NEDKOVA on Sat, 16 Nov 1996 12:08:06 +0000

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Crossing Over I News

Hello from Sofia -  it is Friday around ten o'clock at night in the
SCA  office - 
 we just came back from the grand  opening of the  Bulgarian Triennale
The first busy week of the Crossing Over workshop is ending today.
Mornings were spent at the Theater and Film Academy viewing tapes and
discussing conceptual and pragmatic aspects of video art with the 
 In the afternoons our  Marina Griznic, Tapio  Makela and Susanna
 Passonnen shared their knowledge and practical experiences with us.
 In the 
evenings Slovenian and Finnish video programs were screened. And later
.....In the meantime we managed to  develop our collaborative concept
 a practical video experiment and by now we have shot footage and
still  images for further work next week. Now  I (nina)  will sign
over to some of our participants:

Hi there! My name is Ilko Batakliev, I come from Bulgaria and I am a 
 participant in the Crossing Over workshop. I find the 
initaitive/event particularly rewarding in terms of info and 
discussions! The team is great and we even went clubbing last night!t

DENIS NEIMAND, (Sankt Petersburg, Russia, 29, male)  will talk to you.
CROSS OVER 1 is cool because of many things - LECTORS, PARTICIPANTS,
Actually, we did not finish  to deal with one project (the main one)
but going to begin another ones. Ma be we use to eat to much here? I
want to thank  everyBODY.  

it's lili mesterhazy from budapest.sofia is the proper place to sit
back and wait for the next century.sometimes workshops like that make
you stand up and it is fine especially together with tapio, susanna,
liko, olga, galina, vera and of course with denis.even if i had to
face the fact that i forgot russian.nina is a strong woman and reminds
me of someone i met back in the eighties in hungary.yes,besides,
punk-club has never been so funny .

i am krassi from sofia. well it is funny to work with video here it
means to use bottle of tomato juce for camera ,cardboard pack for
digitising shotage ,and projecting your work in the air. do you have
an idea how it could be done .i will be very glad if you are so kind
to send me some ideas about that. with them you will help us to make
the plan

I usually go by the name of Kristian Kozul, and usually I live in
Zagreb, Croatia, but at the very moment I am sitting in Sofia and
trying to figure out how to make a performance wich will include
video, models, 20 chairs and a waiter. That has very little to do with
formal program of CROSSING OVER, but the bunch is just being very
productive. Anyway if you have any idea how to do this and parallely
make a serious concept for the workshop, I will gladly hear you out.

I am big and heavy and would  like to be a Slovenian  butterfly by the
 name Darij Kreuh. Please  don't understand  me wrong I just try to
deal with introduction of myself.  Usually I have to deal with art in
space, but now I have developed fear of open spaces. CROSSING OVER
workshop occupies most of my daytime, and I think THAT AT THE END

Just a word from me, Iliyana. It seems that the carefully planned 
latenight Internet workshop session now turns into a
Champagne party where 
everybody grabs a glassful and a chance to chat by e-mail to all of  
you out there. Although we have failed to get any moving image 
website running at our session we are happy to get together and 
outline some of the short/long-term perspectives of  Crossing Over. I 
Frankly I really feel it is very productive and enticing to listen to 
participants' wild ideas and cravings. Isn't that what a team is for? 

Illie x 

Information and Documentation Officer
Soros Center for the Arts
16 A, P.Evtimii Blvd. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
tel/fax: 00359 2 980 28 61; 89 89 94

P.S Pls. make sure that in times of troubled 
connection you switch to<iliana@[]>