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HI-TECH FALL in Prag (Hajkova)/Filipp Goldscheider sends the following
information about the fall events in Prague and Brno/Cz:

Along the Frontier:
Ann Hamilton, Bruce Nauman, Francesc Torres, Bill Viola
Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague 19.9.-24.11.1996
The exhibition is organized by the International Center of Photography, New York
Curators: Leane Mella, Charles Stainback

The ICC is presenting this exhibition of video and video-audio
installations (Bruce Nauman) in St. Petersburg, Prague, Warsaw, Kyev and
Moscow. The works of Ann Hamilton and Francesc Torres have been created
specifically for this exhibition. Along the Frontier is the first major
exhibition of multimedia artists from the USA, put together by the Arts
America Program of the USIA.

Exhibition HI-TECH/ART
Dùm umìní mìsta Brna
SiliconGraphics and the Studio Video-Multimedia-Performance FaVUT VUT in Brno

This October, SiliconGraphics in cooperation with the Studio
Video-Multimedia-Performance FaVU VUT in Brno are holding the fourth
presentation of the annual exhibition Hi-Tech/Art. The goal of the
exhibition is to demonstrate the capabilities of modern computer technology
as well as the art works it makes possible. A wide spectrum of items,
ranging from printed pictures and photographs to video projections, images
on computer screens and interactive multimedia installations will be on
display. As a special guest, Steina Vasulka, an internationally acclaimed
pioneer of media art from the USA, will be presented along with her work.
Further features will show the work of Czech artists, students and
designers, visualizations of scientific research and projects for the

Dawn of the Magicians?
Art, Science, Society at the Turn of The Millennium
Veletr_ní palác
Curators: Jaroslav Andìl, Milo_ Vojtìchovsky, Ivona Raimanová

The International, year-long project aims to present a complex network of
cross-currents of events, cultural expressions, theories, and every-day
experiences, organized around themes such as cosmology, nature, technology
and the spiritual. More than a presentation of art works, the project also
involves the work of scientists as well as projects investigating new
technologies and others addressing social and ecological issues. The
exhibition is being presented in four phases and throughout the year
programs such as lectures, symposia, concerts, performances, film and video
screening will be held in the exhibition's auditorium, screening room, and
tea-house/reading room. Other projects will be presented off-site at
participating institutions as well as on the Internet.

Culture, Communication and New Technologies
Míèovna Pra_ského hradu
Council of Europe, Prague Castle Administration, Goethe-Institut Prag, Open
Society Fund

The objective of the meeting is to discuss some of the major directions in
art and science today with practioners in various fields, particularly
those concerned with the fundamental transformations taking place in
certain areas of knowledge and the effect of those changes on contemporary
culture and society.

Shadows of Flames
by Silver
Old Town City Hall
20.11.-8.12.1996, opening hours 10:00-17:00, except mondays
The Gallery of the City of Prague

With the help of high-powered SiliconGraphic work-stations, Silver will
install virtual space structures at the Old Town City Hall. Silver have
been inspired by natural phenomena like polar lights, clouds and plasma
fields. Visitors will be able to physically experience movement in space,
where the real and the simulated world intersect.
Further information on the exhibition: PhDr. Karel Srp, curator, Gallery of
the City of Prague, Tel.: 2311724, Fax: 2327683

Zdenìk Pe_ánek 1896-1965
Veletr_ní palác, First floor
National Gallery - Center for Modern and Contemporary Art

The sculptor and architect Zdenìk Pe_ánek, one of the most original artists
of the Czech avantgarde of the 1920s and 1930s and a pioneer of kinetic and
multi-media art, anticipated many of the issues central to contemporary new
media art. This first comprehensive exhibition introduces the entirety of
Pe_ánek's oeuvre by focusing on a selection of his most important works:
the Color-Piano, the Pilot's Monument, the kinetic-light Sculpture for the
Edison power-station, the Luminated City Environment, and others. The
exhibition was made possible thanks to the reconstruction of Pe_ánek's
demolished works. The center of attraction will be the reconstructed
light-kinetic and multi-media sculpture made for the Edison power-station.
The sculpture will run on an interactive program.

Terminal Bar

Starting in mid-November with the opening of the Terminal Bar, the Terminal
Foundation will programa series of provocative interactive events utilising
the media tools of CD-Rom, Internet and Video and presenting
confrontational and challenging approaches to art and multimedia. We will
organize workshops, hands-on projects, lectures, screenings and spontaneous

Medienkunst - interkulturelle Hoffnung oder Kunst ohne message?
Symposium (mit Demonstrationen)
Goethe-Institut, Masarykovo nábøe_í 32
Goethe-Institut Prag, Akademie der Schönen Künste Prag, Soros Center for
Contemporary Arts Prague

Der gesamten Medienkunst liegt implizit ein recht vager
Kommunikationsbegriff zugrunde, der noch kaum auf seine interkulturelle
Gültigkeit bzw. kulturspezifische Beschränktheit überprüft wurde.
Kommunikation hängt sehr stark von ihrem kulturellen Umfeld ab. Wenn
zutrifft, da� "the medium the message" ist, mü�te dies doch zu grö�ten
Verzerrungen und Bedeutungsverschiebungen führen, transportiert man Medium
und darauf aufbauende Kunst von einer Kultur in die andere. Ist uns dieses
Defizit gar nicht bewuÃ?t, legt dies den Verdacht nahe, Medienkunst sei ohne
"message", bedeutungsleer.