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ON LINE AND ON SITE - Budapest/Rdam/Bratislava

Hanneke Breuker writes:


Information about the exchange and communication project 'ON LINE AND ON
SITE' travelling the highway and the electronic highway.

Information about the presentation of the website at Artpool, November the
8th, 1996.

Hanneke Breuker, artist and member of the Rotterdam based Artists
Initiative DUENDE, has, during the last three years, developed
relationships with artists and art institutes in Bratislava and Budapest.
As a result of these contacts, an exchange and communication project
between artists from Bratislava, Budapest and Rotterdam has started since
medio August.

In August two artists from Budapest; Györfi Gábor and Nemes Csaba went for
a three month working period to Rotterdam and two artists from Rotterdam;
Hanneke Breuker and Graziella Tomasi came to work in Budapest. The artists,
together with artists from Bratislava develop a website on internet.
They have made works related to the city they lived and worked in during
the exchange period. In Rotterdam Nemes Csaba and Györfi Gábor made a work
for the website together: it has to do with Dutch bikes and windows.
Graziella Tomasi spreads tulipbulbs in Budapest and Hanneke Breuker makes
'portraits': of the city and of people living in Budapest.
The presentation of the first outcomes of these works will be at Artpool.

The purpose of this website is to show works made by these participating
artists during the three months period of the project, it also offers
opportunities for others who are interested in making a contribution.
The aim is to develop a website in which there is room for different
contributions; not only contributions from visual artists, but also from
writers, poets, philosophers, filmmakers, etc.
The presentation at ArtPool is meant to let a larger audience get familiar
with the project and the possibilities within it.

The address of the website is: online_onsite

The email address is:

Presentations of the project will also be held in Bratislava and Rotterdam.

The internet access was provided by the Server of C3, Center for Culture
and Communication. At Artpool, Art Research Center the two Dutch artists
make use of computer facilities and get technical support.

Presentation at Artpool,
Budapest VI., Liszt Ferenc tér 10., I.1.
Date: Friday November 8
Time: 5 pm
Opening by: Johan van Dam,  Palace of Art/ Mücsarnok
                    András Zwickl, Hungarian National
                    Gallery/ Magyar Nemzeti Galéria