Community Music Sarajevo on Fri, 25 Oct 1996 10:53:47 +0100

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TSRT/CoMuSa on the Web !

Greetings from The Serious Road Trip/Community Music Sarajevo

We're ...ON THE WEB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last, we've become the fifth "resource centre" in Sarajevo to have
full access. We got the call today; we still need some more info before we
can start surfing but we thought you'd like to share our enthusiasm !

We can now access the world wide web directly from our studio in Sarajevo.
At least inasmuch as anyone can here. The service is limited - only six
simultaneous connects to a satellite link which isn't too reliable but ...

As well as being able to read all your wonderful web pages, this will give
us something like real-time email, instead of the pigeon post equivalent of
Zamir. There will probably be some teething troubles with this, so please
continue to cc everything to the Zamir address for the time being. Our
real-time address is :

Simon Glinn
Bennett Hogg
Bekim Medunjanin
Igor Camo
Zlatko Avdic
Nihad Vranic
Amila Ramovic

& the musos of Sarajevo