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Artec/London - grants and research

Here is some information about Artec/London, a art and technology center:

from their website:

Artec supports artists and arts organisations by offering commissions and
by providing technical and creative support

Commissions & Residencies

Artec offers an annual commission of £4000 for an artist to develop a
project, in residence, over a twelve month period.
Applications for commissions in1996/7 are due 31st October 1996.

Artec also makes available its facilites and  support to artists as part of
an artists' residency scheme. Two residencies are usually available per
year. This is not a production award, but artists in residency will usually
be expected to develop projects on site.

Applications for residencies in1996/7 are due 31st October 1996.

Artec also gives facility support to artists when possible for ongoing
projects and research projects in development. There is no set time for
Contact the arts programme co-ordinator if you wish to apply for support.
Peter Ride <>

Leonardo project

      Multimedia Learning Resource Centre

      The Leonardo Project is a collaboration
between Artec in UK, FAS in Ireland,
      AKK in Finland and Stavroupoli in Greece.

      It is an ambitious two year project that looks
at the multimedia industries in
      the four countries involved to examine the
context and provision of multimedia training.

      It utilises the expertise of Artec trainers in
helping to provide a model of
      training that can be used Europe-wide. This
involves exchanges between the
      trainers and the production of learning
materials that can be used in different
      countries and over the internet.

      FAS is co-ordinating the project and has
linked with University College Dublin
      to enable use of the West software that they
have developed which delivers
      training over the internet and enables
discussion between tutor and student.

      The final vision for this project will be to
have a 'Virtual Learning City' where
      anyone can find out where courses are provided
in multimedia by looking at the
      Multimedia Coursefinder (only available for
the UK at the moment).

      They will be able to interrogate a database of
training information, course
      documents, analyses of strategies for
learning. Eventually we hope to have a
      complete exchange which will include matching
employers with multimedia
      professionals and a comprehensive overview of
the multimedia industries,
      which will help us to define the most relevant
multimedia training.

      For further information contact Jane Placca,
Training Manger <>.