Andreas Broeckmann on Sat, 5 Oct 1996 21:26:17 +0100

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IRC #refresh Sunday evening

Dear friends,

the Refresh Loop is looping with little bugs and increasing creativity.
There are now 13 pages in the loop. Three of the 13 possible entry points

On Sunday, Oct. 6th, join us for the #Refresh chat on:

channel: #refresh

Starting from around 16.00hrs CET

Major Refreshment from 18.00-22.00hrs CET

Trouble shooting by:

alexei shulgin <>
vuk cosic <>
andreas broeckmann <>


PS: We are planning a get-together here in the V2 office for the local
refreshers; what will be happening in other venues? will SPb come online?
Pieter says we will get the digital camera going for snapshots to put on
the net ...

See you tomorrow?