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the Maribor Festival

here's the official press release, hopefully the prpogram will 


>From the 24th of August until the first of September 1996 there will be the
2nd International Festival of Computer Arts =97 New corporality, in Maribor,
which is organised by MKC Maribor, Art gallery Maribor, Institute for art
video, IZUM and Multimedia center KIBLA (KiberSRCeLab / CyberSRCeLab).
The festival New corporality will thematically introduce authors, groups
and theorists, who introduce the philosophie of complex relations between
the human being and the postindustrial machines, which are dealing with
the new media =97 technological forms of the human character, research the
body as an object of shaping and technical completition and developing
a new relation between nature and technic.

In our regular program we will have exhibitions, interactive instalations,
performances, lectures and projections. The attending program will include
introduction projects and workshops. There will be 14 Slovene and 20 foreign
authors,who come from the USA, Australia, Japan and some European countries.
Most of the authors have been contacting us through our public invitation,
but more authors were suggested by the members of the organisation=

A part of the international program was formed by Erkki Huhtamo, Finland,
the instalation Slippery Traces: The Postcard Trail, hungarian =97 canadian
artist Georg Legrady and the exhibition CD ROM Art Gallery and Machiko
Kusahara, Japan, the introduction of american and japanese artists of
Virtual reality and the seminar New corporality with Margaret Morse, USA,
Wolfgang Strauss, Germany, and Geert Lovink, Holland.

In the eight days of the festival, different authors of computer graphics,
interactive instalations and performances will show their work on different
locations in Maribor and probably also in Ljubljana. The most part of the
program will be mediated with computers or the Internet, which will be
lecture and introduction theme from Kathy Rae Huffman, USA, =97 Siberian
Deal, Marina GrPiniF =97 Axis of life, Igor =8Atromajer =97 INTIMA, and Teo
Spiller, Slovenia, who will have an exhibition. From the last year
participants, new works will be introduced by Darij Kreuh, Vojko PogaFar
and Bojan =8Atokelj, exhibited work by Mojca SekuliF, Marko Butina, Branka=
Juri=9AiF and pupils of the school Borci za severno mejo from Maribor. Pupil
exhibitions will become a constancy in the festival program.

On the 27th of August, the Australian artist Stelarc will appear in his
performance Split body, Voltage=97in / Voltage=97out. He forms his work on
the basis of the philosophy about the obsolate natural body. He equips
his own body with technological (mechanical and electronical) supplements,
which stimulate the vital functions of the body and increase his energy to
exstatic effects. Takahiko Iimura is known as one of the emblematic japanese
researchers of the new media. In his instalation AIUEONN SIX he=92s handing
over a decomposition, with stretching and modifying the human electronic
skin, in the multiculture of faces, voices, japanese and Roman letters.
There are 10 artists coming from Europe: Alessandro Amaducci, Italy, Rais
Smite and Raitis Smits, Latvia, Jacek Szliszynski and Wojcek Bruszewski,
Poland, Sigrid Langreher, Austria, Alain Escalle, France, Petra de Njis
and Trevor Batten from Holland.

The program will take place in the Art galerie Maribor, ZKO Maribor, IZUM,
in Pekarna and the Multimedia center KIBLA, where the communication and
program center of the festival will be.

Financial support was given by OSI=97Slovenia, SCCA Ljubljana, Ministry of
Culture, Municipality Maribor and the computer equipment from Apple.