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VIPER-Festival Lucerne, 22-27 Oct.

Date: 8.28.96 20:01:12 GMT
From: Adriano Ensini (
Subject: VIPER-Festival Lucerne

Here's an event for all of you, who want to taste another

VIPER 1996  - 22. - 27. Oct. opens new horizons, makes sparks fly and does
the digital tango.  It is an arena for rebels, dreamers, heretics,
nomads, pioneers and visionaries. VIPER's new focus this year is on the
challenges of technical innovation and social conflicts. Alongside the
traditional programme categories, the thematic programme
"Simulation/Stimulation" reflects the transformation of human sensory
perception in the context of the ever-increasing rate of media
development. VIPER is Switzerland's first stop for visually innovative
insights and outlooks. And all of this is in the city whose very name is
light: Lucerna.


As the 20th century draws to a close, one thing cannot be overlooked:
human being still have bodies. These bodies stand, however, at the
centre of a rapidly-growing number of interactive technologies. With a
new emphasis each day, "Simulation/Stimulation" focuses on relevant
aspects of representations, identity, sensuality and trancendence, and
provides a plattform for critical discussion of the newest audiovisual
turnovers and socio-cultural discoveries. International guest lecturers,
thematic project presentations, and a wide-ranging programme of films
permit partecipators to delve into to the question of the transformation
of sensory perception.

ZENTRALSTRASSE 156, 8003 ZUERICH, PH: +41-1-450.6262, FAX:
+41-1-450.6261 E-MAIL:

Please contact: Adriano Ensini, programme commission, multimedia
Tel/Fax: +41-+41-240 9106 email:

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